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Review: Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta peel original formula & alpha beta peel extra strength formula #drdennisgross #alphabetapeel

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Do you have problems with acne, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, skin discolorations or blotchiness? Then I have the PERFECT product for you! The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel and Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula  is one of the best products I have ever seen that is available for everyone to use that addresses these problems.There are two strengths, regular and extra strength. This peel uses a formula that Dr. Dennis Gross personally put together and a patented two-step process that combines refining alpha hydroxy acids and a beta hydroxy acid plus wrinkle reducing anti-oxidants such as retinol, ubiquinone, and resveratrol, that smoothes and enriches skin. 

This peel is for anyone who wants to make their skin look better, whether it be to reduce the signs of aging, help with mild to moderate acne or to gain a more radiant and youthful appearance. All skin types, including those with extremely sensitive skin and first-time facial peel users looking for a solution that requires no downtime, use this peel. This is the number one selling at-home facial peel. It delivers instant and lasting benefits, including a smoother, brighter, more youthful and clearer complexion. It is very easy to use too. This product can be used in the morning or in the evening. Just apply the first towelette all-over your face and décolleté, then wait two minutes and apply the second towelette. Leave the peel on the skin and wait a few minutes before applying any other skincare products.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a peel “junkie” and I love this peel! For me I don’t get any peeling, as it is not too strong in that sense, but I do find that it leaves my skin glowing. Personally, I like to use it at night. I prefer my products with acids at night so that I do not get any sun sensitivity. My favorite one is the extra strength peel formula. It gives me some mild tingling, so I “feel” like it is working (we all like the psychological feeling of the tingling).
For sensitive skin I highly recommend the original formula peel. It is formulated for even the most sensitive skins and first time peel users. The extra strength formula is for normal skins or those who can handle a little bit more oomph! The formula has a good number of alpha hydroxy acids in it and a huge number of anti-oxidants and ingredients that help with anti-aging. 

The peel is a great addition to any skincare routine that will help exfoliate dead skin, get rid of acne and help give skin a beautiful glowing look. It also helps with blotchiness, so if you have some redness on your face, this is a good product to use for that. I have been using the product for over a month now and my skin has not broken out, when normally I would have some issues with acne from the summer season. It helped get rid of some mild acne that I had going on this season and it helped with some discoloration in my skin as well as some blotchiness that I had. It also helped to get rid of some post acne scarring that I had, you know the red marks that are left over after the blemishes are gone. 

I tried out the boxed set of towelettes. The peel comes in various forms. The jar is $82.00 for 30 applications. A 60 application jar is $132.00. There is a 14 day challenge set for $45.00. The box of 30 towelettes, (like the ones I tried) is $86.00. The box of 60 towelettes is $145.00. The Extra Strength 30 application jar is $82.00. The Extra Strength 14 day challenge is $45.00. The Extra Strength box of 30 towelettes (the ones I tried) is $86.00. The box of Extra Strength of 60 towelettes is $145.00. The Alpha Beta Glow Pad (self-tanning pads with the peel solution and some extra Vitamin D): 20 applications are $32.00, 50 applications are $65.00 and 8 applications are $45.00. Alpha Beta Glotion for Body (5 fl.oz.) $38.00. Alpha Beta Dynamic Duo is a month’s supply of each Alpha Beta Peel and the Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel (30 towelettes each) for $100.00.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel and Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength are available from,,,, and Like Dr. Dennis Gross on Facebook:; Follow Dr. Dennis Gross on Twitter: @dgskincare; Subscribe to Dr. Dennis Gross on YouTube:; Follow Dr. Dennis Gross on Instagram: and Follow Dr. Dennis Gross on Pinterest:

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