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This Halloween Sinful Colors introduces 14 new shades of nail polish that are sure to conjure up something sinfully spooky on your nails! You can paint your fingers or toes with these beautiful shades. I was able to try out 5 shades from the collection and here I will tell you how they fared. Let me tell you this, the shades are fun and sinfully delightful! The first four are top coats that are delightfully glittery and tricked out for a great treat.

Glow In The Dark:  ghoulish fluorescent

This shade is indeed a glow in the dark polish that does what it says: it glows in the dark. Use on fingernails or toes, place your nails in the light for a bit then turn off the lights and boo! I used two coats of this polish to get this look. 

Glow in the Dark nails!


Cauldron Couture: glittery emerald

Mystery Moonshine: multi-colored confetti

Splatter Spell:gilded black flecks

Pumpkin Spice: twinkling fall orange

I decided to take the top coats and just apply them to my nails to see how they would look as just regular polish. I also took Pumpkin Spice and applied to my fingernails. I applied 2 coats of each color to my nails. I like the top coats and think they would look great with just about any polish. The only problem I saw was with Pumpkin Spice, I think that it was a little thin. Even after 2 coats of polish it was still lacking coverage. It would need up to 2 more coats to get the best coverage. 

Sinful Colors Splatter Spell

Sinful Colors Splatter Spell

Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice

Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice

Sinful Colors Mystery Moonshine

Sinful Colors Mystery Moonshine

Sinful Colors Cauldron Couture
Sinful Colors Cauldron Couture

The Sinful Colors Halloween Collection is available exclusively at Walgreens and Target. All of the shades are $1.99. The other shades in the collection are: Black on Black (Dark-as-night black), Cloud 9 (Pumpkin perfect orange), Go Go Girl (Sleek and sexy candy apple red), Pink Away (Glittering metallic green), Snow Me White (Bright White), Clear Top Coat (Scarily Shiny Topcoat), Courtney Orange (Opalescent Orange), Let’s Talk (A royal purple hue) and Starry Night (A sprinkle of midnight stardust). I think you will LOVE this collection! Like Sinful Colors on Facebook:; Follow Sinful Colors on Twitter: @SinfulColors_NP and Follow Sinful Colors on Instagram:

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Marie Papachatzis

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