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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray #GoldBond #PowderSpray

(photo courtesy of www.goldbond.com)

gold bond no mess powder spray

If you are a fan of Gold Bond Powder, you will be happy to know that you can get all of the cooling, drying power of this product now in a refreshing, no-mess spray! Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray is an excellent spray that delivers powder right where you want it. It has a 360° valve that lets you spray in any direction, even upside down! Application is quick and easy. It comes in two scents, Classic Scent and Fresh Scent. Classic Scent has menthol and Fresh Scent has aloe. This powder spray is perfect before work, the gym, any physical activity, after taking a shower, etc. Use it when you need to stay cool, dry and comfortable all day long. This powder spray is cooling, absorbing, and relieving. It does not contain any CFC’s.

To use: Shake well and spray 6’”-8” from skin and spray evenly for approximately 2-3 seconds. Do not spray directly on clothes. It dries right away, so no need to wait for it dry before putting on clothing. 

How does this spray perform? Is it comparable to the powder? I had never tried out the powder but my husband had. I liked this spray a lot. It is very easy to use and definitely works well. It sprays in any direction, so that is a good thing. I was able to try out the Fresh Scent. It contains aloe, bisabolol and ginger root extract. These ingredients are moisturizing and soothing to the skin. After spraying skin immediately feels fresh and cool. The feeling lasts for a few minutes but skin does stay “cool and comfortable” for hours. My husband used this and felt that the spray performed better than the powder since there was no mess, which is how this is advertised. He did like it much more. I would also rather prefer a no mess spray to a messy powder.

Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray comes in a 7 oz./198 g spray bottle and retails for around $6.99. It is available online from www.drugstore.com, www.amazon.com, www.cvs.com, www.walgreens.com, www.walmart.com, www.target.com, www.americarx.com, www.medshoprx,com, www.medichest.com and www.harmon.com. It is also available from mass market retailers nationwide, such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, K-Mart, Wegmans and Meijer to name a few. Like Gold Bond on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldbond.

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Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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