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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: K6 Skincare #K6Skincare #skincare #enzymepeel #cleanser #antiaging #naturopathy

(photo courtesy of www.k6skin.com)
k6 skincare essentials collection

K6 Skincare was founded by naturopath Sharon Krahn. She became interested in natural health care a little over 12 years ago when she had some health issues. Because of this, she wanted to make sure she was only putting natural, healthy things into and onto her body. She went back to school and studied Naturopathy. She graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health and began a private practice. Naturopathy is the broad study of holistic, natural healing that includes nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, massage, reflexology and more. 

K6 Skincare was founded on the premise that skincare could be used without adding to health issues, it should not be overpriced and it should be effective. Using her knowledge she developed products that comprised all of these things and more. They are natural, aloe based (which makes the ingredients stronger), effective, safe and organic. The products blend the best of what nature has to offer along with the latest in technology. These products are beneficial for even the most sensitive of skins.

The goal and mission of K6 Skincare is to be a complete skincare company. The products are for any skincare concern and will help you look your best, as they are gentle and effective. They strive to make you look healthy, vibrant and youthful at every age. New products will be researched and developed that will address all aspects of care, such as skincare for infants, teens and young adults. Professional treatments are also being developed for use in salons.

I was fortuitous enough to get to try out a few items from the K6 Skincare line. I tried three products: clean, reveal and preserve. Clean is a cleansing gel, reveal is an enzymatic treatment and preserve is an anti-aging moisturizer. The line has numerous products but these three are the base products that are the foundation of the line. To keep their products safe for use, K6 uses a combination of phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylgycerin to stabilize and prevent the growth of bacteria, microbes, yeast and mold. These ingredients do not accumulate in the body and do not harm the environment. The products also do not have any parabens, sulfates or dyes. They do not have any synthetic fragrances, no animal ingredients (hence being vegan) and have not been tested on animals. 

clean antioxidant facial cleanser $25.00

k6 skincare clean antioxidant facial cleanser
This cleanser is a 100% organic, vegan natural based facial cleanser that nourishes skin. It is perfect for all skin types as it does not strip skin of the natural moisture barrier. This cleanser lightly foams and is non-toxic. It is a mild cleanser that gently removes dirt, makeup and oils from the skin. Botanicals and nutrients reduce inflammation, fight free radical damage and signs of aging. Skin is left clean and smooth.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that an organic, natural vegan cleanser would work so well. 

Usually cleansers that are in this vein do not perform well. However, this is not like any of those other cleansers! clean antioxidant facial cleanser actually does an excellent job of removing makeup, dirt and facial oils without making skin feel dry and stripped of oils. I like that after using this cleanser my skin, which is on the normal to dry side these days, is not left feeling like it’s been in the desert all day. 

The ingredient list for this cleanser reads like a list for most natural skincare products and best of all, there is no water in this product. None. Very few products can say they are aloe based. There are a few and I love the ones that are aloe based. Green tea, rosemary and pomegranate are anti-oxidants that fight off free radical damage. Chamomile and calendula soothe and calm skin. Grape seed extract, Vitamin A, C and E are anti-oxidants that promote anti-aging. 

reveal active enzyme peel $36.00
k6 skincare reveal active enzyme peel
Reveal active enzyme peel is a 100% vegan, natural and organic active enzyme peel. It is a safe and natural way to exfoliate the dead skin cells that cling to our skin without any harsh chemicals. reveal leaves skin smooth, polished and radiant looking. Using this enzyme peel will help get rid of pore clogging debris that causes blackheads, pimples and other acne lesions. Skin needs to be exfoliated at least 1x-2x a week for most skin types so that skincare treatments can penetrate better.

This peel contains papain, pumpkin, papaya and pineapple enzymes that will exfoliate skin without leaving it feeling raw. Enzymes are a gentle way to exfoliate, they are chemical exfoliants that just eat away at the dead skin cells. All that is left is just beautiful skin. As with clean antioxidant facial cleanser, the peel is aloe based. This means that the peel is just that much stronger since there is no water in the product to dilute the ingredients. 

To use, apply a thin layer of the peel to clean dry skin. Massage in upward circular motions (avoid the eye area). Leave on for one minute to let the enzymes exfoliate the skin. The gel begins to liquefy. Again, massage in an upward motion. The dead skin cells will begin to roll up, ready to be rinsed away. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Use 2x-3x a week. For a more intense exfoliation, use daily for a month. 

I found this peel easy to use and it does exfoliate the skin quite well. My skin felt very soft after using it. I am not really a fan of the type of peel that makes a mess, such as having my dead skin roll up into little balls because it makes a mess in my sink. But, the end result is worth the trouble. Enzyme peels are well known for their ability to exfoliate very well. I wish that this one was able to stay on a little bit longer and exfoliate a little bit deeper. I think that this peel, since it is organic and natural, cannot function like that. 

preserve anti-aging moisturizer $39.00

k6 skincare preserve antiaging moisturizer
This anti-aging moisturizer is 100% vegan, organic and natural. It is also aloe based as are the other products in the K6 line. This moisturizer combines 3 clinically proven systems (Undaria Pinnatifida, Hydrolyzed Soy Fiber and Anogeissus Leiscarpus Extract and Propanediol) that are anti-aging ingredients. It has botanicals and nutrients that protect skin and are powerhouse ingredients to reduce the signs of aging. 

Aloe is its base ingredient and also soothes and calms the skin. This moisturizer also contains hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws moisture to the skin and supports skin structure. Squalane, glycosaminoglycans, glycerin, soluble collagen and caprylic/capric triglyceride moisturize the skin. Vitamins A, C and E are very powerful anti-oxidants. Licorice extract evens skin tone. Green tea protects the skin from free radical damage. Willow bark extract is an anti-inflammatory that promotes circulation and stimulates new cell formation. 

Preserve anti-aging moisturizer is a very nice anti-aging cream. For a natural, vegan cream it meets and exceeds my expectations. I am glad that I was able to try this out, as it is the best natural moisturizer I have ever tried. Natural skincare has come a long way these days. Especially vegan skincare! I think you will find that if you are looking for a product that is anti-aging and vegan you should check out K6 Skincare. This moisturizer hydrates the skin, sinking right in and leaving it feeling very soft and supple. The ingredients in this product are all good ingredients and they are of top quality. The fact that this product is aloe based is also good, there is no water to dilute the ingredients. It also allows for the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

K6 Skincare is a very nice line and it is well worth checking out. If you are looking for a vegan, natural and organic line, this is definitely one that is going to be the one to choose. It would also be one to choose just on the basis that it is a good skincare line in general. K6 Skincare is available from www.k6skin.com. Like K6 Skincare on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/k6skincare; Follow K6 Skincare on Twitter: @k6Skin; Follow K6 Skincare on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/K6skin/ and Follow K6 Skincare on Instagram: https://instagram.com/k6skin/

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