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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo #MichaelToddUSA #EyeEraserDuo

I have been a fan of Michael Todd for a while now. Every product that I have tried I have been happy with. What is so special about this line is that the line does not have water as its base, but instead has aloe vera as its base ingredient. This makes a huge difference in performance. Products are not watered down but are more potent and definitely work. Aloe vera works well as a base ingredient because it is an anti-inflammatory and it is a very powerful anti-oxidant. This helps all of the products work to be intense anti-aging products.
Today I am reviewing the Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo. This contains two items that are available separately but can be purchased together for the same price. The Eye Eraser Duo contains IntensiveTM Cream Eye Treatment and the Eye Eraser Anti-Aging Serum Infusion Device. The Eye Eraser is an anti-aging infusion device that maximizes the absorption of serums and creams applied to the face and eyes. It can be used anywhere on the face. The result you get is a more youthful and well-rested look. Combining sonic, ionic and thermal infusion technology in one device, the Eye Eraser promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin with a series of gentle micro-massages, while ionic infusion and thermal warming maximizes the effectiveness of serums and moisturizers applied to the skin. The warming action temporarily relaxes the pore lining for increased product absorption. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Natural collagen and elastin are formed in the skin. It gently infuses product into the skin at more than 150 sonic movements per second. 
Used in conjunction with the IntensiveTM Cream Eye Treatment, skin beneath the eyes is deeply and evenly infused with Haloxyl®, Eyeliss® and Matrixyl™ 3000. These 3 powerful, clinically validated and patented ingredients are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Haloxyl®, Eyeliss® are cutting edge 90% organic advance treatments for each aspect of eye aging. They are proprietary formulas developed in Europe to reduce bags and dark circles beneath the eyes. Together they work with the other ingredients in this cream to fight all the signs of premature eye aging. Collagen and elastin production is supported also, helping the skin to “bounce back” instead of sagging and wrinkling. This cream is especially suited for dry, sensitive and wrinkled skin types but can be used by any skin type.
Below you can see the results of the Eye Eraser (photo taken from the www.michaeltoddusa.com website). The photo shows a before photo, results after 10 days of use and then after one month of use. The results are that her fine lines and wrinkles have become less apparent. Her bags have dissipated too. She did not have any dark circles or puffiness, so there was nothing there to speak about. 


(above: results of Eye Eraser use showing before, after 10 days and after one month of use)
The first thing I noticed when I used the Eye Eraser was the warming effect. I found it very soothing to the skin. The Eye Eraser is very easy to use and glides along the skin easily due to the fact that the cream has been applied already. The directions say to apply the cream and use the Eye Eraser for a minute on each eye. With use, eyes will have reduced dark circles, puffiness, bags, fine lines and wrinkles. My eye problems tend to be light dark circles and puffiness. I do notice that this cream, used in conjunction with the Eye Eraser, did help with the dark circles and puffiness. Lately I have not had to use any concealer when I apply my foundation. None. Nada. My eyes look very clear and even the puffiness has disappeared. I think that this Eye Eraser Duo does the trick. You can see below in the bottom photo that the dark circle looks lighter than in the top photo. It definitely helped. I would highly recommend this treatment. 

 (above: showing eye prior to use of Eye Eraser Duo)

(above: showing eye after use of Eye Eraser Duo)

And another thing that is nice about the Eye Eraser is that it can be used anywhere on the face, not just on the eye area. It helps with collagen and elastin production, which helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Use it on the brow furrows, use it on smile lines or fine lines around the lips. Use it anywhere you have fine lines and wrinkles.
Michael Todd Eye Eraser Duo is a special bundle that retails for $89.00 and can be purchased online at Ulta.com and Ulta stores. Like Michael Todd on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelToddUSA; Follow Michael Todd on Twitter: @MichaelToddUSA; Subscribe to Michael Todd on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelToddOrganics; Follow Michael Todd on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/michaeltoddskin/ and Follow Michael Todd on Instagram: https://instagram.com/michaeltoddusa.
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
(This item was sent for consideration)


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