Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Purple is just about my favorite color, along with green. I have been seeing a lot of it lately. So, I thought I would show you a few polishes that would look amazing this summer, really making your manicures (or pedicures) pop!
First is a gorgeous holographic polish from Layla Ultra Violet. They have a whole line of holographic polishes, I paid $15.50 at Ulta for this one. This polish looks light lavender with pink and silver shimmer in the light. Next is one from Pixi, available at Target or for $8.00. This is color No.26, a bright purple shimmer with silver shimmer throughout. Also available from Target is the Cos Bar polish in Purple, $3.00, that they had for their special “Shops” collection. The only thing I didn’t like about this one is that it took about three coats to get a good opaque look.
China Glaze Caribbean Temptation is a fuschia with a blue shimmer throughout. Also similar to this one is Essie’s Jamaica Me Crazy, but it has more of a fuschia tone and is darker. One of my favorite brand’s is Illamasqua. I love their Hemlock, which I received when I purchased a Freak set (their fragrance). Hemlock is a light cream with a lavender shimmer.
Next is Zoya Danni, a medium purple shimmer with gold shimmer throughout. Then are two of my favorite purple polishes. Orly Oui, a mix of purple and gold shimmer. Also, Zoya Faye, another purple and gold shimmer. Both of these look gorgeous as pedicures.
Nubar also has a pretty polish that looks similar the the China Glaze one, it is called Sphinx Purple. However it has more shimmer to it. Zoya Juno is a very shimmery lilac and Zoya Mimi is a lavender with copper flake shimmer.
Zoya Carly is a medium purple with silver shimmer throughout and is a beautiful color. Zoya Hope is one of those purples that you look at and it just strikes you as gorgeous. It is purple with just a hint of shine to it. I love it. Nubar Precarious Lavender is also one of those pretty colors, it is a silvery shimmery lavender color.
My final two colors that I would like to include are Zoya Harmonie, another seriously gorgeous shade of shimmery lilac. And Nubar Nile Purple, which is a darker shade of purple with just a slight hint of shimmer. The Zoya Harmonie is one of my favorites.

Zoya polishes can be found at and run $8.00 each. Nubar polishes are available at and are also $8.00 each. Orly is usually at Sally Beauty Supply stores and Ulta stores and, it also runs $8.00 each. Essie is at most major drugstores now and runs $8.00 each. The Illamasqua nail polish can be found at for $14.00 or (in UK Pounds or US Dollars). I didn’t include any OPI polishes because I don’t have any purple shades, but I do like OPI polish, it is one of the best polishes on the market. Yes, I went overboard on the purple polish, but it is my favorite color…

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Every summer MAC comes out with some cute packaging and generally the same color items that they do every year. I am reviewing and going over some of the Hey, Sailor! colors. This year the eyeshadows differed some but otherwise the colors pretty much remained the same. I got a few of the items that I thought would look good on me. In the first photo there is the highlighting powder, Crew and the the blush called Fleet Fast (a beautiful shimmery coral). In the second photo are three eyeshadows Crystal Avalanche (white shimmery veluxe pearl), Barefoot (gold veluxe pearl) and Feeling Fresh (bright green frost). Third we have four lipglasses: Cut Loose (white shimmer), Blessedly Rich (bronzy gold), Orange Tempera (light orange peach) and Riviera Life (bright coral). Fourth are three lipsticks I liked: Salute! (light peach Amplified), To Catch A Sailor (bronzy gold Frost) and Sail La Vie (bright orange coral Satin). These are the colors that look good on me: a very pale, blue/green eyed, red headed girl.
The look below represents a something that would look good in the heat! Which we are having a lot of right now. I took some of my older eyeshadows that I liked, Magnetic Fields and Beautyburst, and decided to use them with Crystal Avalanche. Beautyburst is my favorite eyeshadow of all time and I wish they would bring it back!!!! I used it in the crease and then took Magnetic Fields and used it just under that, deeper in the crease to create a deep set eye. I used Crystal Avalanche on the total lid and under the brow. I didn’t use anything under the eye or to line the lid. My new favorite mascara, Maybelline Mega Plush, completed the look.
On the cheek I used Fleet Fast blush high up on the cheeks. On the lips I wanted a nude lip so I used Orange Tempera lipglass over a light brown lipliner, Cover Girl’s Sublime liner. My foundation for this hot day is the new Revon 24 hr. Colorstay Whipped. It does last the day and I like it! I liked the look, it is softer than my usual look. Yes, I am over 40 now so sometimes I guess I have to go for the softer look to “look” younger. Ha! That will be the day!!! I will be the little old lady with the bright shimmery lipgloss that they will have to pry out of my hands like a cigarette.



When I asked what you would like for a giveaway the overwhelming response was nail polishes! So I took some unused colors from my stash that I think you will like. There are five in all. The first three are Zoya polishes. They are: Meadow (medium pink with golden peach shimmer), Colette (amber with golden bronze shimmer), Zuza (turquoise blue with silvery shimmer). Next we have two that would make a great traditional French maniure. One Nubar polish called Sun Sparkle (a very light cream with just a hint of pink shimmer) and Sation’s Record Pink (traditional creamy pink).

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment telling me which color is your favorite and you need to also follow me on Twitter. This is so I can reach you when you win! Thanks for entering and good luck!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012



I was so happy with this palette that I decided I wanted to do another look with it. This time I did a dramatic purple/brown look. I used a medium brown in the crease, then a coppery brown in the outer corner of the lid and underneath the eye. For a dramatic pop I took a shimmery purple and used it just underneath the brown in the crease and on the lid I used a light shimmery lavender. Under the eyebrow I used a light shimmery cream color. For liquid liner I took L.A. Splash Remarkable Pen Eyeliner in Purple and MAC’s Haute & Naughty Lash in Black. I feel that this created a very dramatic daytime look on the eye.

On the cheeks I used Cargo’s Coral Beach Blush. I wanted a light lip look to counteract the dramatic eye, so I used Maybelline’s Color Sentasational Porcelain Pink lipstick from their new pastel collection over Cover Girl’s Sublime lipliner. This lipstick is a very light cool purple pink.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, this palette is great. There are 35 beautiful, vibrant colors that are extremely pigmented with great payoff and little to no fallout. I have yet to find this with some of the other high end companies that put out the most expensive shadows on the market. I am so glad I got this palette! Yes, it is $55.00, but I feel that if you like colorful eyeshadows and like to have quality too, this palette is well worth the money. The palette is available only for Beauty Insiders at and SEPHORA stores.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012




As I have mentioned many times I am a palette addict. The other day I stumbled upon this while looking on I almost drooled all over the keyboard! Thirty-five gorgeous various colors, all looking very pigmented and ready for use on the eye. I had to have it. This palette is only available to Beauty Insiders, for $55.00. I was really hoping that the colors would be as beautiful on my lid as they are in pan!

After I received it, I was still as ecstatic. The colors in real life look just as beautiful as they did on the computer screen. I must say that the drool almost hit the pan…LOL! This morning I decided to try some very bright, almost mermaid style colors, just to see if the shadows looked as good on the eye as they do in the pan. I chose as medium brown on the crease, then a turquoise on the lid. Next, I covered the crease with a bright acid green and finalized the look with a bright, light green under the brow. I used MAC’s Haute & Naughty mascara in Black on my lashes and Maybelline’s Super Skinny Eye Marker in Black to line the upper lid.

For blush I used Illamasqua’s Blush in Tremble. On my lips I used Maybelline’s new pastel Color Sensational lipstick in Nude Nuances. I lined my lips with Cover Girl’s lipliner in Sublime.

I am EXTREMELY happy with the pigmentation of the shadows in this palette. They are very pigmented and go on so smoothly. There was no fallout either. It is well worth the money. This is a real winner in my book and I can see myself using it all the time.



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