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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Kardashian Beauty

Kourtney. Kim. Khloe. Kardashian Beauty


My oldest daughter and I recently became fascinated with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” television show. I came upon it one day while I was laying down. I am sick a lot and I end up watching a lot of TV. So I changed the channel and “Kourtney And Kim Take Miami” was on. Darn if I didn’t become addicted. Then my oldest daughter came down and she started watching with me. Now we have some that we watch together, which I prize because right now she doesn’t really want to be near me. So I am very happy.

When the makeup line came out I was also excited. Of course, add the beautiful women, makeup and me, and we have a great combination! I started gathering items from the line little by little to do a review but it took me a while to get to it. So today is the day! Let’s go!


Khroma Beauty is now changing to become Kardashian Beauty. All of the products have been pulled out of Ulta and will eventually be pulled out of CVS (as of this writing they are still available online and in store at CVS). The name change is to better reflect the brand that they want to be and still become. I am posting this now because the products are still available at CVS as of this writing.


24 Prime


I bought this at CVS for $14.99. It is a foundation primer with 24 karat gold. I must say this. The directions on it are so tiny that I could barely read them even with my reading glasses on. Today I am wearing it but I used it all wrong! I mixed it with my foundation, as I thought you would do with a normal primer. No. It is supposed to be left on the face for five minutes then rinsed off. Then apply foundation as needed. Quite unusual. I will say that the way I used it today made my face glow very nicely! It does say on the tube that it prepares skin for Flawless Makeup Application but I have NEVER heard of a foundation primer that you leave on then wash off.

Intimate Spotlight: Illuminate


This product ($9.99) is a cream-powder designed to provide a “soft focus lit from within glow” wherever you need one. It can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks. This product is very soft, when you press on it with a brush it kind of deflates. But it does look beautiful on. Illuminate is a pink shimmer color. It comes in two other colors that are a golden color and a light pinky-gold color.

Film Noir Drama Liner


This retails for $8.99. I got this in Starry Brunette, a dark brown color. There is also a beautiful dark black, Jet. This is a gel water liner, which is why it goes on like so smoothly. I have never found a liner (even UD) that goes on like this. It did crumble if I pressed too hard, so much that I lost a lot of it. So there is a learning cure I do believe, because it is vey soft. Also, it smudges quite easily.

Double Up: Double Ended Liner


I purchased the Chocolate and Champagne pencil for $10.99. These are cream eye pencils that are supposed to give a super sexy. smoky eye. I used the Chocolate portion and found it easy to go on and easy to blend, it didn’t dry right away, which is good. The color was very pigmented too.

The Quickie Mascara


Retails for $9.99. It is supposed to give length, volume and curling power to lashes. I purchased this in black and found that it only gave me length and volume. Not really worth it when there are so many other mascaras around that can give me the same.



If there is one thing you should get from this line, it is the JOYSTICK lip lacquer. Retailing for $8.99, this product is like a lipstick and lip liner in one. It is soft and creamy, pigmented, very pigmented. I love it so much that I bought three of them! My daughter wanted one of them, the fuchsia one! I am wearing the Nude Beach one today (light bronze), but I also have the Sea Coral (bright light coral) and Love Makeover (dark nude taupe). These are also great to keep in your purse to take with you. They last on the lip almost all day too. Love them!

Honey Stick Lip Gloss


I could never have imagined a lip gloss that smelled like honey. This one does and I love it. It reminds me of my childhood. I had something when I was little that smelled like this and this brings me back to this. I love it! The lip gloss itself it not too bad, it is an okay lip gloss. There are several shades to choose from. I have: Orange Blossom Honey (coral), Raw Honey (nude with a little shimmer) and Summer Honey (pinkish nude with shimmer). These retail for $8.99.

Au Naturel Nude Lip set: In The Nude


This is another example of some nice items. These are supposed to recreate Kim Kardashian’s nude lips. First, you have to have a set of beautiful full lips to have her lips. That is the key! Well, I have okay lips so I thought I would give this a try. For $14.99 you get an ideally pre-matched set of lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss! All in a naked veil of flesh toned perfection (I plagiarized that from the box because it was awesome copy). I will tell you this, the colors are all very nice together. I like the lip products a lot. Good colors. Great wear. The lip glosses are nice on top of the lipstick.

Double Take


This is another interesting product, a lipstick and lip gloss in one! It is $9.99. I got the color Boldface. This one is a light-coral tone lipstick with a coral lip gloss. What a great idea. So easy to carry around in the purse. I love the idea and think this should be done more often.


Here is a look I did with the Kardashian Beauty products: 24k Prime was mixed in with my foundation, to give me a glow. On my eyes I used the Chocolate part of the Double Up eye pencil on my lid and then blended the Intimate Spotlight up into my brow. I lined my upper and lower lids with Starry Brunette liner and used The Quickie mascara. On my cheeks I used Imitate Spotlight again all over for some oomph over some Pixi bronzer. On my lips I used Au Naturel liner to line my lips in nude then used Nude Beach JOYSTCK lip lacquer. That really gives large lips!

Overall, there are some products that are okay but there are also some real gems in the bunch. I am lucky that I got them Buy One Get One Half Off at Ulta. And my daughter wanted some of them too. I like the color combinations that they came out with too, all nude and nude or good for the beach. There are some shocking colors available in the lips, great for those who want to make a statement! I am hoping they will be available again soon.



  1. Love the lipstick, such a gorgeous color!


    1. Thanks, the JOYSTICK in Sea Coral is very pretty too. I like them a lot! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Honey Stick sounds well nice! yum yum...


  3. ahh I really want to try Joystick in Sea coral and shocking pink! great review

  4. I like the shimmer you have on your eyes!

  5. Looks very good! x


  6. I love the nude lipsticks and the lipgloss. I reviewed some of their products not too long ago and fell in love with them :)

    Lovely blog, following :)



  7. gosh, that primer sounds weird!

    That lippy looks very Kardashian.

    Emily Jane xo

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  9. Great review! I have to go to Ulta and check some of these products out!

    1. Thanks! They may have changed it or removed them now, I am not sure.There were some issues with the brand.

  10. hi
    your lips are not o.k. as you say, your lips are perfect! ;)

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