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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Review: Rimmel London Brow This Way Pencil & Pomade #RimmelLondon #BrowThisWayPencil #BrowThisWayPomade #Eyebrows

(product photos courtesy of www.walmart.com.com)

The Year Of The Eyebrow...
Eyebrows are very big right now. Very big. Today I am going to review two products from Rimmel London that will help you achieve the look that is hot all over the runways right now: large full eyebrows and thin exact eyebrows. 

Brow This Way Fibre Pencil $3.97
This pencil not only adds color, definition and pigmentation to your brows, but adds little fibers that plump up your brows to stay this way all day long. It has long-lasting color, is easy to apply, fills, defines and plumps brows. I like this pencil because it is easy to use and does not cause brows to look overly fake. With this pencil you can get the thin look which is good for me because I don't have any brows to speak of because I over-tweezed when I was a teenager and they did not grow back. Yes, it can happen. This pencil comes in two colors: Medium Brown and Dark Brown. I tried Medium Brown. 

Here is a photo of me wearing the pencil: 

Brow This Way Pomade $3.97
This is for when you want your brows to make a statement. Big brows are in for spring. With this product you can score an impactful brow look that slays all day. It is a pomade in a pencil. This pencil gives you strong definition, it fixes and fills in brows, gives you long-lasting color and is easy to apply. Essentially it can be done in one stroke. It comes in three colors: Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. I tried Medium Brown. 

Here is a photo of me wearing the Medium Brown shade:

I think for me, the look that is better is the thinner brow look. I have strong features and when my brows are thicker they don't look better. I have high cheekbones and a funky nose. My eyes are kind of small, so I think a smaller brow makes my eyes look larger. 

I have always been happy with the products from Rimmel London though. The line is great. I am especially happy with these brow pencils. I will definitely keep using them. They work great on me. 

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Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

(These items were sent for consideration) 


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