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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adovia Natural Skin Care Manufacturer Releases all Natural Sulfur Soap #Adovia #AdoviaSpa

Adovia, a nationwide leader and provider of unique skincare products, announced the debut of their new Natural Sulfur Soap enriched with minerals and sulfur directly from the Dead Sea.

adovia sulfur soap

As the first skin care line to combine minerals with herbal extracts to create a variety of nutritious cocktails for your skin, this new product from Adovia promises to impress with it's natural qualities and variety of uses. Sulfur products hold many advantages for both your face and your body. In addition to holding many exfoliating benefits, sulfur also promotes positive collagen balance and cosmetic skin lightening qualities to ensure your skin holds a youthful glow.
It is proven and supported that natural products are better for a persons skin care routine. Natural products are the most effective and safe way to take care of skin without the use of harsh chemicals, Adovia's natural sulfur soap was designed to help all skin types, but has definitive benefits for those who struggle daily with oily or acne prone skin. The sulfur soap has gentle, yet cleansing ingredients that wash away excess oil without overdrying the skin.
"We pride ourselves on using only the most natural ingredients in our soap and the Adovia Sulfur Soap is a breakthrough development for us in formulation in that we are able to use naturally derived sulfur to provide a cleansing experience unlike any other natural soap on the market." Said Sharon Allen, Head Product Formulator for Adovia Mineral Skin Care.
Features and Benefits:
  • Safe for both face and body use
  • 100 percent Fragrance Free
  • All Natural Sulfur Facial Cleanser
  • Provides outstanding therapeutic treatment for all skin types
  • Not Too Harsh or Overly Drying
  • No Harmful or Irritating Chemicals
  • 100 percent pure
  • Adovia is standing behind the product with their 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Retail Price: Adovia Natural Sulfur Soap (4.4 oz. /125gr) $8.95
Availability: December 2014 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MG962AA
Regardless of your skin type or ailment, Adovia's natural sulfur soap holds benefit. For added flexibility and satisfaction, customers can request a skin care consultation if they have questions about any of Adovia's products. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a consultant to better define your skin's needs and match you with appropriate products.
Adovia has had amazing feedback on their new product from new and long-time customers. BHayden, a recent reviewer on Amazon said, "I am in love with this Sulfur Soap. It has actually helped my skin a whole lot. I have noticed my skin becoming more and more clear. It has not irritated my skin or dried it out. I feel like this soap really gets my skin clean and moisturizers it as well. It has a very mild clean smell and it lathers great. It does not leave my skin oily or dry. It's a perfect combination for me."
Adovia was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles. The vital nutrients, anti-oxidants and minerals present in Adovia products are responsibly gathered at the place closest to the soul of Mother Earth - The Dead Sea. With products ranging from soaps to hair care, Adovia has a product for everyone. By combining natural ingredients with modern science to formulate an effective blend of minerals and the finest herbal ingredients nature has to offer, Adovia is a leader in beauty products that are carried by some of the top salons and spas globally. More information is available at AdoviaSpa.com
SOURCE Adovia Mineral Skin Care
RELATED LINKShttp://www.AdoviaSpa.com


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