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Friday, December 19, 2014

Review: ULTRALUXE Skincare Line #ULTRALUXE

(photos courtesy of www.ultraluxeskincare.com)
ULTRALUXE Skincare is a high end skincare line that is used and sold in salons and spas. I was lucky enough to get to try this it out. This line is a luxurious skincare line with products that work. It was developed by Israel Dakar, an engineer. He has developed over 100 award winning products that are beloved by Estheticians, editors and influencers worldwide. Count me in as one of the Estheticians that now love the line. 

ULTRALUXE products are made with botanicals, essential oils and the latest technology that is available today. The Tri-Peptide, Synake and MircroVenom formulas allow clients to enjoy the benefits of luxury spa treatments in the luxury of their own homes. All of the products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, sulfates, zinc oxide and petrochemicals. The products are coral-reef safe and are cruelty-free.

I had samples of these products that lasted a few days. Usually when I test products I test full sizes and have used them for at least 2-3 weeks and can give you results for that length of time. So, this review will be based on usage for up to 4-5 days of use. I can say that with use of that length of time I did see results with most of the products.

Ultra Luxe Nourishing Wash

Nourishing Wash 4 fl.oz./120 mL $45.00
This is a daily cleanser that hydrates skin and purifies it at the same time. It gets rid of pollutants, excess oils and makeup. The cleanser is rich in anti-oxidants,  is soap-free and is formulated with a blend of pomegranate, rosemary leaf, verbena extract and nourishing essential oils that leave skin clean and glowing. I like how this cleanser smells and how it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It definitely gets rid of makeup, dirt and debris. The best way to use it is to wet skin and massage in then rinse it off. 

Ultra Luxe Triple Action Organic Scrub

Triple Action Organic Scrub 3 fl.oz./90 mL $49.00
Get rid of excess skin cell build up and residue. Linipack seeds help to do three things with this scrub: deep cleanse skin, polish skin and brighten it up. Rosewood, frankincense and green tea extracts infuse nutrients to help purify the skin, leaving it clean and velvety smooth. I just love how my skin feels so soft after using this scrub. It is definitely one of the better scrubs I have ever used.

Ultra Luxe Enzyme Peeling Cream

Enzyme Peeling Cream 1.75 fl.oz./51.75 mL  $48.00
This is a product used in every ULTRALUXE facial and you can use it at home too! Enzyme Peeling Cream prepares skin for maximum results with serums and moisturizers. It eliminates the build-up of impurities on the skin and in the pores. Pumpkin enzymes and cardamom extract help to gently remove dead skin cells and sebum from clogged pores. It reveals fresher, softer skin with this non-abrasive sloughing cream. I like this product as I am a sucker for anything that gets rid of extraneous skin cells. This does a great job with the enzymes. It is not harsh at all. I think that this is a good product for any skin type and is great to prep skin for the entire regimen.

Ultraluxe Active Mask

Active Mask 1.75 fl.oz./51.75 mL $75.00
Masks are a great way to get active ingredients into skin quickly. This mask can help achieve professional results at home. The rich and nourishing Active Mask is perfect for dull, dehydrated or mature skin. A breakthrough tri-peptide technology helps to diminish and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It contains marine algae extract, papain (from papaya), oat protein, bitter orange and neroli essential oils that are added to help exfoliate dead skin cells, to hydrate skin and help soothe it. Use weekly to restore skin and leave it looking plump, smooth and younger looking. I think this mask is a great one, even if your skin is not that “dull”. It definitely helped mine and I felt my skin looking younger, brighter and hydrated. 

Ultraluxe Retinol Renewal Serum

Retinol Renewal Serum 1 fl.oz./30 mL $120.00
This is my favorite product out of all of the ones I have tried. It is a special, super age fighting serum. This serum fights fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and enlarges pores by exfoliating dry and damaged skin by expediting skin turnover. The exclusive Advanced Retinol Delivery System™ prevents retinol breakdown that happens due to sun exposure, allowing for maximum absorption in the skin. I love this serum, and felt it working quickly. I had a sample that lasted a week and it definitely worked within that time frame. My skin looked a lot better, smoother and younger. Love this!

UltraLuxe MicroVenom Eyelfit Complex

Micro Venom Eye Lift‘ Complex .50 fl.oz./15 mL $82.00
Tired Eyes get a lift with the rich and potent anti-aging eye cream. Made with the exclusive MicroVenom formula, it features a wrinkle smoothing Synthetic Snake Venom and rejuvenating Apple Stem Cell Technology. My eyes did look a little bit better after using this for a few days.

UltraLuxe Cellular Patch Cream

Cellular Patch Cream 1 fl.oz./30 mL $155.00
Fight off the biological clock. This is a revolutionary repairing and preventative treatment. Using an exclusive Acid Free Exfoliator Technology™, this cream helps to improve the appearance of skin’s texture, clarity, elasticity and firmness without any irritation. Apricot kernel, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and green tea extract work synergistically to help achieve smooth and luminous skin. This is a good product if you are experiencing lack of firmness in your skin. It will help to repair skin’s texture and firm skin all without any irritation and any acids!

UltraLuxe MicroVenom Hydrating Day Complex

Micro Venom Hydrating Day Complex 1.75 fl.oz./51.75 mL $86.00
Have skin glowing all day long with the silky anti-aging moisturizer. The exclusive MicroVenom formula features the wrinkle smoothing Synthetic Snake Venom and rejuvenating Apple Stem Cell Technology. This is a nice moisturizer, but I prefer one that has a sunscreen in it too. They have one with sun protection separately, which to me seems redundant. I tried this for a few days, I would need to try it for a full month to see any major results. Just by the ingredients I can say that this would definitely make a great anti-aging moisturizer. It should help with fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin and making it look younger.

UltraLuxe MicroVenom Hydrating Night Complex

Micro Venom Hydrating Night Complex 1 fl.oz./30 mL $88.00
Youthful looking skin can be achieved while sleeping. This intense anti-aging moisturizer has the exclusive MicroVenom formula featuring the smoothing Synthetic Snake Venom and rejuvenating Apple Stem Cell Technology. It is great for those that live in cold, dry weather. As I mentioned, I only had a small sample. It would take a month of use to see results. I do think that this is a good formula though. 

I was very happy with the ULTRALUXE samples that I tried. This is a great skincare line. I am glad that I was able to get to try this line out. My favorite product was the Retinol Renewal Serum, I am a big fan of Retinol, as it does work to exfoliate skin in a gentle yet effective way. That is one way to help you look younger. Some people do not want to use acids and so Retinol can be an alternative. The MicroVenom products are also good choices. This is a line that I think you should get to know. They do have professional Estheticians that can give you consultations for which products you can try out or I can help you with that.

ULTRALUXE is available from www.ultraluxeskincare.com, Like ULTRALUXE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltraLuxeskincare; Follow ULTRALUXE on Twitter: @UltraLuxeSC; Follow ULTRALUXE on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ultraluxeskincare and Subscribe to UlTRALUXE on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMasGuHN153ETmuIre5lu-A.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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