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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Ottilie and Lulu Best Overnight Gift Set #OttilieandLulu

(photo courtesy of www.ottilieandlulu.com)
Ottlie and Lulu Best Overnight set
Although many may not think of it, skincare for tweens and teens is important. It is important for girls to learn how to care for their skin, avoid the sun and to treat acne. Tween and teen skin is always changing, in a constant state of metamorphosis. It is often delicate, sensitive and reacts badly to harsh ingredients. That is why a natural skincare line can work well on this type of skin. Adult skincare can damage young skin, with most of the damage done prior to the age of 17. A line that is gentle is ideal for any tween and teen.

Ottilie and Lulu is a natural line of skincare that is aimed towards tweens and teens. This line is effective and gentle, has anti-oxidants, botanicals and vitamins that are ideal for skin that is young and sensitive. It is dermatologist and allergy tested. Ottilie and Lulu does not test on animals. This line is specially formulated for tween and teen skin. 

My 13 year old daughter tested out the Best Overnight Gift Set ($42.00). She has sensitive skin and was hesitant to try the line out for fear that she would have a reaction to the products. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see if the products are indeed good for sensitive skins.
This set contains the following items:
  • Clean Skin Face Wipes 30 Wipes
  • Spot Blemish Treatment 2 fl.oz./60 mL
  • Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer 3 fl.oz./90 mL
  • Soothing Vanilla Lip Balm Ball

All of this comes in a cute gift bag, all ready for gift giving.

Ottilie and Lulu Clean Skin Wipes
Clean Skin Face Wipes $10.00
These all-in-one Clean Skin Face Wipes take off makeup, cleanse and freshen skin. All natural, pre-moistened wipes made from 100% cotton, they eliminated oil, dirt and makeup gently. Use any time of day, especially after activities such as gym or sports. They leave skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Oil (sebum), dirt and bacteria are the causes of acne. Get rid of them with these cleansing wipes to prevent acne. There is no need to have to rinse after using these, which makes these perfect for the teen on the go! Carry them in your backpack, purse or keep them in your locker. My daughter found that they removed makeup very well, only needing one to do eye makeup and face makeup (she purposely put on a lot of makeup to test this out).
Ottilie and Lulu Spot Blemish Treatment

Spot Blemish Treatment $14.50
A blend of white willow bark, peppermint leaf and tea tree leaf work together to calm skin, provide relief from breakouts and reduce redness. The formula dries clear. Use after cleansing skin (either with Ottilie & Lulu's Morning & Night Gel Cleanser or Clean Skin Face Wipes) and once skin is dry use a cotton swab to apply the Spot Blemish Treatment to the blemished area. It can be used day or night. This product is an anti-bacterial product and works great to prevent and treat breakouts. I would also use this as a preventative in areas where you are most blemish prone, apply once or twice daily in blemish prone areas to prevent breakouts. The tube is large enough so that it will last a long time. The best way to prevent breakouts is to keep skin clean, exfoliate and keep pores free from debris. My daughter does not suffer much acne but she does get monthly breakouts. This product helped to clear up the blemishes in record time! She used the Spot Blemish Treatment twice daily on the offending blemishes and they cleared up within two days without leaving any red marks on the skin.

Ottilie and Lulu Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer
Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer $14.50
This all natural facial moisturizer helps to keep young skin feeling moisturized and hydrated all day long. It restored moisture to dry skin gently and effectively. Organic shea butter, calming calendula extract and refreshing mandarin essential oil leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Use after cleansing face. Apply around mouth, cheekbones and even under the eyes. My daughter found this to be great for her sensitive skin. It did not cause any redness or irritation. She loves to use moisturizer, as she has some dryness issues. My only complaint is I feel this product would be better off with a sunscreen in it but then one might not want to use it at night. So, there is that trade-off.

Soothing Vanilla Lip Balm Ball
This wonderful smelling lip balm is part of the Best Overnight Gift Set and is only available during the holiday season. Ottilie and Lulu also makes a lip balm with SPF 20 that smells and taste like berries. Otillie and Lulu Everyday Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20My daughter loves the vanilla taste, finds it natural and the lip balm keeps her lips soft and free from chapping. 

Everyday Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20 $18.50
The Ottilie and Lulu line also has an Everyday Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20 that I would recommend this for every tween or teenager. It is vitally important to protect your skin with sunscreen on a daily basis. This one contains zinc oxide, a non-irritating mineral sunscreen and anti-inflammatory that works great to keep sensitive skin from burning and from premature aging (which will happen with exposure). It also contains anti-oxidants such as green tea, algae, and Vitamin E to help prevent aging.  This product was voted "the BEST" by Discovery Girls Magazine!

All in all, this is a great line for girls who need a starter skincare line. My daughter is very happy with it. Her sensitive skin has taken well to the line and she is able to use every product. I have even been using the Spot Blemish Treatment for my own chin acne! I like that the products are natural and work well. The prices are not too much, they are affordable for girls who need good products to start out with. This is a great line and I would recommend it for all tweens and teens. 

Ottilie and Lulu is available from www.ottilieandlulu.com. The Best Overnight Gift Set retails for $42.00. Like Ottilie and Lulu on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OttilieLulu; Follow Ottilie and Lulu on Twitter: @ottilieandlulu; Follow Ottilie and Lulu on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ottilieandlulu/ and Follow Ottilie and Lulu on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ottilieandlulu/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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