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I Am THE Makeup Junkie November HIT LIST #hitlist #november #iamthemakeupjunkie

Urban Decay Naked3 Look 1

November has ended and so it is time to take a look back and tell you about a few of my favorite products that I came across this month. These are products I tried out and found that I know you definitely need to pick up. My “HIT LIST” always contains products that are the best of the best, cream of the crop products, that out perform the others in their categories. These are sure fire “HITS”! I think these are products that will help get your skin ready for holiday parties and will make your face look radiant! Yes, I included 3 masks, but these are excellent examples of masks that will whip your skin around in a few seconds! The eye liners I have picked are two products that I have been searching for and have finally found as my Holy Grail products. This month I present to you: Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask, Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask, L’Oréal Paris The Infallible Super Slim, Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner and Gr8ful Skin Couture Stimul8 Mud Instant Skin Transformation Treatment.  These are exceptional items that I want to make sure that you might use as gifts and ALL of them you just need to splurge on for yourself!

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

radical skincare instant revitalizing mask

This mask is like nothing you have ever tried before. If your skin is dull, stressed, tired and needs instant radiance, then this is for you! It is the all in one solution for optimizing your skin in one fell swoop. The Instant Revitalizing Mask provides the optimum amount of oxygen, hydration, vitamins and revitalizing energy to experience a fresh and healthy glow within minutes. You can feel the invigorating sensation and enjoy the benefits of the renewed and revitalized energy. The Instant Revitalizing Mask has to be the one of the best masks I have ever used, hands down. My skin glowed like a light bulb when it was finished. I have use many masks, for many different reasons all of the time. But this one is definitely the one you want to reach for when your skin need a good pick me up. It is different than a peel, a mud mask or any of those regular hydrating masks. It is one all rolled into one, I would say. I think this is going to be a huge hit!!!!! My skin looked so bright and shiny after using it that I really didn’t want to use any foundation nor did I want to cover it up with anything that would temper the glow. This is what you really want from a product: a good result. I am so happy with this product that I could sing from the roof tops. I would if I wasn’t scared of heights. You can see my review here:

$65.00/, or SEPHORA stores

Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask

manuka doctor apinourish rejuvenating face mask

If your skin is dry and dehydrated, then this is for you! The Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask is a leave on mask that will deeply penetrate and heal skin, it has purified bee venom that restores skin to its beautiful glow in just a few minutes. How? It has also has the best ingredients from the hive—purified manuka honey and royal jelly—with key age-defying ingredients rosehip and blackcurrant oils and nourishing shea and cocoa butter. These nourish the skin and restore the skin’s moisture barrier. What is the best is that no bees are harmed in the making of this cream! The result of over ten years research developed a unique purification process that removes any unwanted particles after the bee venom has been collected from the hive, guarantees the purity and potency of each formula. The venom is extracted using a safe process that ensures that the bee's lifespan, well-being and performance are not affected.

$85.00/, or SEPHORA stores

 L’Oréal Paris The Infallible Super Slim by Never Fail

loreal paris the infallible super slim liquid eye liner

When I saw the commercial for the L’Oréal Paris The Infallible Super Slim by Infallible Never Fail knew I had to have this eyeliner. It looked to be everything I wanted. The commercial made it look so easy and effortless that I thought it would be the end to my liquid eyeliner nightmare. It promises:

  • clean lines with its precise 0.4mm ultra fine tip,
  • 12 HR formula,
  • quick drying,
  • smooth and continuous flow,
  • skip-proof,
  • drag-proof
  • smudge-proof
  • My thoughts on this on it are: “Where have you been all my life!!!!” Seriously, I adore this eyeliner. It is so easy to use, because of the 0.4 mm fine felt tip that goes on very easily. The ink spreads smoothly onto the skin and does not drag or skip, but is more like a Sharpie. That is a compliment indeed! It wears all day long and it does dry fast, almost immediately. This eyeliner has good, dark color to it that most other felt tip eyeliners do not. I am so happy I found this and am wondering why more liquid eyeliners are not like this one? Seriously!?!? You can see my review here:

    $8.95/ or mass market retailers.

    Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner by Lashblast

    cover girl intensity liner by lashblast

    I came upon this eye liner the other day at Walgreens. It was on the display with their new Lashblast mascara (I swear that the new mascara barrel is larger than my eye!). So I picked both of them up and I fell in love this with this eye liner too. Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner by Lashblast is almost as good as the L’Oréal one! It has a small felt tip applicator and is pitch black in color (Pitch Black Passion is the color name actually). It also comes in Chocolate Kiss. Best of all, it lasts for 24 hours! The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t seem to last through the one problem area I have: the little corner of my left eye that tears up. I have some sort of allergy that I cannot pin down, I think it is due to eye primer but if I get it too close my eye tears up there. Then nothing lasts!

    It is available now at some Walgreens stores and the day I bought it, there was a BOGO 1/2 off! It will be available to purchase at on 12/1/2013.


    Gr8ful Skin Couture Stimul8 Mud Instant Skin Transformation Treatment

    gr8ful skin couture Stimul8 Mud Mask

    Gr8ful SkinCouture introduces Stimul8 Mud Instant Skin Transformation Treatment. It is a completely natural, chemical free, vegan, cruelty-free and ecofriendly treatment mask. This treatment is a combination of seaweed, botanicals and essential oils. It produces results without any harmful chemicals. What is so wonderful about it is that it soothes, tightens, decreases pore size and makes skin look radiant after one application. After regular use it will make skin look brighter, firmer and tighter. Stimul8 Mud Instant Skin Transformation Treatment contains Dead Sea mud, Moor Mud, lactobacillus bacteria, black cumin seed oil, Moroccan lava clay, kelp powder, calendula flower extract, papain, chamomile, green tea, bromelain, oregano oil, frankincense oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, vetiver oil and manuka oil just to name SOME of the ingredients!!!!!! This product is packed full of the most effective, wonderful and highest quality ingredients I have ever seen as an esthetician. It has a lovely herbal aroma, but it is not overpowering. I have used it several times. You don’t want to use too much of it, just enough to cover your face. The first time I tried it, it definitely left my skin feeling softer and more supple. It is very moisturizing for a mud mask. In general this treatment is wonderful. I did a comparison review of Stimul8 and GLAMGlow, you can read it here: Personally, I feel that Stimul8 is a much better treatment and GLAMGlow is filled with chemicals and fragrances. Stimul8 is destined to become a cult hit!


    So, here you have my HIT LIST for the month of November. I think you will be happy with any of the items I have chosen. If you have already purchased one or more of these, then I would love to hear from you to see how you liked the it. Really, everyone’s opinion is different but I really do think these are excellent products that are some of the best in their categories.

    Until Next Time

    Marie Papachatzis

    I Am THE Makeup Junkie


    Friday, November 29, 2013

    Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette: Sexy and Rosy! #Naked3 #Urbandecay


    Urban Decay has taken the Naked theme and has made it a phenomenon. They have eye shadow palettes, blush, lipsticks, eye liners and more…all geared toward the idea that we can look good with a minimal amount of color but still all dolled up.

    I adore all things Naked. This time Urban Decay has done it again! The Naked3 palette has12 eye shadows that are all based on a rose hued neutral theme and one double ended shadow/blending eye shadow brush designed to give your eyes glamorous appeal. These shades are never before seen and have what they describe as every type of finish imaginable: ultra-smooth mattes, gorgeous pearls and glimmering metallics! The eye shadows feature the Pigment Infusion System™, which is the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and bendability. The Naked3 palette also includes a weeks worth of Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler, with resealable samples of all four formulas (original, Sin, Eden and Anti-Aging). The case is a lovely art-school inspired rose-hued tin that also houses a great mirror for application.

    Shades in Naked3 Eye Shadow Palette:

    STRANGE – pale neutral pink matte-satin
    DUST – pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter
    BURNOUT – light pinky-peach satin
    LIMIT – light dusty rose matte
    BUZZ – metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
    TRICK – light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle
    NOONER – medium pinky-brown matte
    LIAR – medium metallic mauve shimmer
    FACTORY – pinky-brown satin
    MUGSHOT – metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
    DARKSIDE – deep taupe-mauve satin
    BLACKHEART – smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle

    (below: swatches of the eye shadow shades for Naked3. I did the swatches dry.)

    Urban Decay Naked3_swatches

    I really, really like this palette. The only shade I had an issue with is Dust. It did not go on very well. All of the others go on well, are very soft and have great pigment. Even the lightest ones have good pigment, look at Strange. You can see it on my arm and it is extremely light.  I wore them over Eyeshadow Primer Potion and they lasted all day long, which I expect.


    I did two looks with the Naked3 palette. I think that they are great eye shadows for my eyes, as they bring out the green in my eyes.

    Urban Decay Naked3 Look 1Urban Decay Naked3 Look 1_ eyes closed (1)Urban Decay Naked3 Look 1_ eyes  open

    This look is accomplished with the following: Nooner in the crease to add depth. Then I took Blackheart and used it on the outer edge of my lid and under my eye to line. I took Darkside and used it just under Nooner to add more depth for my heavily lidded and small eyes that turn downwards. On the upper lid I used Trick and blended it with Blackheart. Under the brow I used Strange and blended Blackheart up and made it look softer. I lined with 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion ($19.00). I used Big Fatty Mascara ($20.00) to really make my eyelashes look lush.

    Urban Decay Naked3 Look2Urban Decay Naked3 Look 2_eyes closedUrban Decay Naked3 Look 2_eyes open (1)

    For this look it is a little bit more of a smoky eye. I used Factory in the crease to really make my eyes standout. Then I used Darkside on the outer edge of the lid and underneath my eye as a liner. I tried Dust on my lid, but it is not really pigmented at all, so I used Burnout instead (this color is better and definitely more pigmented and softer). I took Darkside and blended it up into the crease to add just a little bit of depth and make my eyes really stand out. Finally, I used Strange under the brow to blend out Factory. Again I used 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion to line the top of my lid. I used Big Fatty Mascara for a lot of volume on my lashes.

    This palette is definitely one you NEED to get! As of this date it is sold out but when it gets back in stock, pick it up right away. The rose shadows will go great with any eye color and complexion. I think they outdid themselves this time. I am a huge Urban Decay fanatic and  I adore just about anything they put out!

    The Urban Decay Naked3 Eye Shadow Palette retails for $52.00 and is available from right now and also from Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s stores. Or, online at,,, It will be in store December 12th! Like Urban Decay on Facebook:; Follow Urban Decay on Twitter: @UrbanDecay; Follow Urban Decay on Instagram:; Follow Urban Decay on Pinterest: and Follow Urban Decay on Google+:

    Thursday, November 28, 2013

    Great Gift Idea! SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette #sephora

    (photo courtesy of

    SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette

    I have a great gift idea for anyone: the SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette. Wrapped in a glittery silver fabric case with a stand up mirror inside, are 14 very pigmented eye shadows. The eye shadow finishes are metallic, satin and matte. Shades range from adorable nudes to approachable bolds and smoldering smoky colors. What is so great about this palette is that it is for anyone. The shade range is so varied and the eye shadows are extremely pigmented. I found there was little to no fallout with the shadows, which is definitely what you want. The eye shadows can be worn wet or dry, depending on how you want the look to go.

    Below I made swatches of the eye shadows dry, and you can see how pigmented they look. The colors are described as follows (from top left working right downward): matte peach; shimmered fuchsia, matte bright lilac, shimmery silver, shimmering lilac-mauve, shimmering ocean blue, shimmery beige, shimmery olive, satin burgundy, shimmery peach, shimmery cocoa powder, matte dark chocolate, shimmery icicle and matte darkest black.

     SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette_swatches1DSC09262

    (above left: swatches of the 1st seven colors; above right: swatches of the next seven colors)

    (left: look with the SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette): To achieve this look I used the SEPHORA COLLECTION Starry-Eyed Brush Trio ($24.00), you can view the review of that here: I used the shimmery cocoa powder in the crease. Then I took the matte dark chocolate powder shade and applied it under my eye as a liner, on the outer 1/3 of my lid and lifted it up in my crease under the shimmery shade just a little to add depth to the crease. Then I took sephora brush look1sephora brush look2the shimmery silver shade and used it on the rest of my upper lid and blended it up into the crease. I used the shimmery icicle shade on the inner corner of my eye to brighten it up. Under the brow I used the matte peach shade to blend the crease shade up and soften it. Add liquid black liner, such as SEPHORA Collection Color Proof Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black ($12.00) on the upper lid to make the eye look larger. I have very blonde lashes and they are thin, so I love SEPHORA’s Outrageous Volume Mascara ($15.00). It adds a lot of oomph to my lashes. The barrel is huge, almost as large as my eyes (I have small eyes), but you can really see the difference!

    The SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette is $22.00 and can be found on or in SEPHORA stores. Palettes like this make a great gift for someone else OR you can just buy it for yourself, there is no shame in that! Like SEPHORA on Facebook:; Follow SEPHORA on Twitter: @Sephora; Follow their Pinterest boards:; Subscribe to their videos on YouTube:; Follow SEPHORA in Google+:; Follow them on Tumblr: and Follow SEPHORA on Instagram:

    (This item was provided for consideration)


    Review: Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss #whiteninglightning

    salmon whitening lightning lip glossborneo whitening lightening lip gloss

    Whitening Lightning, a company that makes a fabulous tooth whitening gel, also makes a fabulous lip gloss that is extremely pigmented and has the coolest thing ever: it lights up! Their Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss contains collagen peptides to increase lip volume and reduce lip wrinkles. It also moisturizes quite well. The collagen peptides rapidly speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly. A very lightweight treatment, luxuriously moisture rich and comfortable to wear.They come in two collections: Classic and Exotics. $38.00.

    The Classic Collection:

    • Icicle: mauve
    • Vilu: purple
    • Crystal: bronze
    • Jewel: burgundy mauve
    • Nude: lightest beige
    • Salmon: bright peach

    Exotics Collection

    • Bermuda: bright lavender
    • Bahama: bright blue
    • Fiji: bright pink
    • Phuket: white
    • Borneo: black



    The glosses come with mirrors on the side of the tube and built in lights. You can see from the pictures above that there is a light shining from the Borneo tube (black tube). I tried two shades of the lip gloss, Borneo, which is a black color and Salmon, which is a true bright peach. I have to say this. These are extremely pigmented. I mean, I am trying out Black lip gloss and it is very thick in pigment and definitely looks really black on. The Salmon color is so beautiful on too. I want to try out more colors as they really are pigmented!

    whitening lightning_mauiwhitening lightning_salmon

    The main product sold on the site is the Zero White Teeth Whitening Pen, $79.00. It is a new and easy way to whitening the teeth without any harsh side effects. I think this is one to investigate. There is no peroxide in this and it can be used on crowns, bridges and veneers. They also have a Dial-A-Smile Kit and other teeth whitening kits which would make great holiday gifts.

    zero white teeth whitening pen

    Go take a look at, there are a number of products that will interest you if you want to have plump, hydrated lips and beautiful white teeth! Like Whitening Lightning on Facebook:; Follow Whitening Lightning on Twitter: @WhiteningLtning and Subscribe to Whitening Lightning on YouTube:

    (These items were sent for consideration)


    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    SEPHORA Brush Sets: Get the Brush Up This Holiday Season! #sephora

    (photos courtesy of

    SEPHORA Cheek To Cheek Blush and Bronzer Brush SetSEPHORA COLLECTION Starry Eyed Brush TrioSEPHORA COLLECTION Deck The Halls With Kabuki


    This season SEPHORA has some beautiful brush sets out that make perfect gifts for the beauty junkie in your life (or yourself for that matter)! There are a many brush sets out but I am going to review just a couple of them here.

    SEPHORA COLLECTION Cheek-to-Cheek Blush Bronzer Duo ($24.00):

    In this cute box you get two face brushes, one with an angled head for blush, and one for bronzer. This set makes applying and blending blushes and bronzers so easy. Sweep the curved brush up along the apples of the cheekbone to apply color and use the angled brush for contour and sculpting effects. The Cheek-to-Cheek Blush Bronzer Duo is good for novices and experts alike.Glittery handles create the perfect holiday pizzazz!

    SEPHORA COLLECTION Starry-Eyed Brush Trio ($24.00):

    I love this set! Create a complete eye look with this set that includes three eye shadow brushes: a shadow brush, a crease brush, and an angled eyeliner brush to help you achieve the great smoky eye looks so popular now. With the shadow brush, apply shadow along the lid. The crease helps to create depth of the eye and make it pop. Use this set to make your eyes smoky or give yourself a nice light nude look. Glittery handles add a festive sparkle to your brush collection. Either way, the Starry-Eyed Brush Trio is a perfect gift for just about anyone!

    SEPHORA Collection Deck The Halls With Kabuki ($16.00):

    Decked out in an adorable holiday ornament that is perfect for the stocking or the tree, this SEPHORA Collection Deck The Halls With Kabuki face brush is gilded in a beautiful metallic rainbow color. Delivers full coverage in one sweep. Comes with an attached gift ribbon and tag. Definitely a must have for any beauty junkie this season! 

    So how do these brushes stack up to other brushes? SEPHORA Collection brushes are of fabulous quality. These are exceptional brushes that I would use every day. Product loads easily on the brush and goes on like a dream! I had no trouble with product pigmentation issues. Eye shadow went on easily, blended well and some of the brushes have more than one use. The angled eyeliner can be used for eyebrows too! The crease brush is one of the better ones I have come across. These are cruelty-free and not tested on any animals. These sets make excellent gift choices for anyone who is in need of some new brushes: a teenager, beauty junkie or anyone who loves to collect brushes that are beautiful and work well!

    sephora brush look1sephora brush look2sephora brush look3

    (above: photo on left and middle shows eyes done with the Starry Eyed Brush Trio; Photo on the right shows Cheek-To-Cheek Blush Bronzer Duo. I used the Deck The Halls With Kabuki all over my face!; I used the SEPHORA Enchanting Eye Palette, $22.00, on my eyes for this look.

    Like SEPHORA on Facebook:; Follow SEPHORA on Twitter: @Sephora; Follow their Pinterest boards:; Subscribe to their videos on YouTube:; Follow SEPHORA in Google+:; Follow them on Tumblr: and Follow SEPHORA on Instagram:

    (These items were sent to me for consideration)


    Black Friday Promotions #blackfriday


    Just after the turkey has settled in your stomach, get up off the couch and out the door! It is time to shop and get those Black Friday deals! Some of these you can get online and some you need to be there in person.

    So let’s talk Black Friday Promotions!!!


    Rogue By Rihanna Set

    The Rogue by Rihanna bracelet set pictured below comes with 4 fashion bracelets, with spikes, stingray and flare and a 2.5oz fragrance all for $49. Perfect for any Rihanna fan, or style admirer, this fun set comes with everything you need to give a great gift this holiday season.

    rogue by rihanna set

    NEW! Rogue by Rihanna Bracelet Set

    Available: Beginning Friday, November  29

    Includes: 4 bracelets and a 2.5oz fragrance

    Price: $49

    Retail Outlets: Macys, Dillards and Belk




    spa sonic_black fridaySpa Sonic

    Treat your skin and your wallet to exclusive deals from Spa Sonic:

    ● Visit on Black Friday to purchase the Spa Sonic system for $33 and Cyber Monday through Cyber Week for $32.

    ● Now through December 30th, is offering the Spa Sonic system for $39.99.

    ● The new DermaLight will be on sale for $119.99 and the Spa Sonic system $35.99 at Offer valid November 24th through December 7th


    authentic skin remedies_black fridayAuthentic Skin Remedies

    Receive $20 gift card from Authentic Skin Remedies, the new all natural, 100% organic bath & body line.
    Shop now until Cyber Monday and enter promo code VIPASR at checkout. Offer valid on full-sized items only.


    miracle skin transformer_black fridayMiracle Skin Transformer

    On Cyber Monday, enjoy 30% off your entire purchase of $50 or more exclusively at
    Discount will automatically be taken at checkout.


    adventuress_black fridayAdventuress Skin Care

    Don’t wait in line on Black Friday to get gorgeous skin. Buy the Adventuress Skin Care Intro Collection kit at 50% off (limit 2). Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

    Purchase products at




    apothoderm_black fridayApothederm

    The high-tech skin care line, Apothederm is offering the Deluxe Skin Care Set for $39.95, along with 25% off the entire website. To redeem visit

    Enter coupon code 25DISC for the 25% off. Offer valid until December 2nd at midnight.





    ARCONA Black Friday Promotion:

    · 2-day sale (Friday, November 29th and Saturday, November 30th)

    · 40% off any ARCONA product (Please note, other brands sold at the spa such as Clarisonic, Claro, NuFace, Kai, Leila Lou, or ME products are not included)

    · Offer not valid on any ARCONA Basic Five package or body, hair, or specialty kits

    · Offer not valid on ARCONA Sunsations Mineral Makeup

    · Order must be $100 or more to receive the 40% discount

    · Purchases are Final Sale only, no returns or exchanges

    · Customers can purchase online (, in-studio (425 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401), or over the phone (877.272.6620)


    manna kadari_black friday1manna kadar_black friday 2

    Manna Kadar Cosmetics

    Simplify your beauty routine with 50% off high quality, multi-functional cosmetics from Manna Kadar.
    Visit on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and enter coupon code mannabf50 at checkout.



    whitening lightening_black fridayWhitening Lightning

    Use code BLACKFRIDAY to receive a Holiday Gift Pack (a $633 value) from Whitening Lightning for only $89.
    The pack includes 1 Dial A Smile, 2 teeth whitening pens and 2 Lighted Lip Glosses. Exclusively at

    hair max_black fridayHairMax

    Creators of the revolutionary LaserComb, HairMax is offering 20% off your entire purchase of hair loss products and devices. 

    To redeem, visit  and use coupon code holiday at checkout. Coupon code is valid November 28th through December 6th.



    mia beauty_black friday

    Mia Beauty

    Stock up on your favorite hair accessories from Mia Beauty. Save 30% on your purchase (coupon code bf2013) and receive free standard shipping (coupon code bf2013fs) from
    Codes are valid Black Friday through Cyber Monday.





    Stock Up for the Holidays with

    Black Friday Cyber Monday Steals from Ouidad

    ouidad_blackfriday1ouidad_blackfriday2 ouidad_blackfriday3

    Without a doubt, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days of the year.  Though holiday shopping can be a daunting and overwhelming task, tis the season to take advantage of special sales that can alleviate the burden of last minute gift shopping.  This year, Ouidad is offering exciting discounts on the full product line, so get your curls in gear; the deals are ready to shop!  

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    • Beginning Wednesday, November 27th though Tuesday, December 3rd, head to to receive 20% off all orders during check out
    • 25% is also available for orders over $60


    baby mantra_black fridayBaby Mantra

    Baby Mantra, the 100% natural baby skincare line, is teaming up with to bring you 20% all products.
    Just use the coupon code RAD6BKJY at checkout. Coupon code is valid from now until December 31st.





    fit desk black fridayFitDesk

    Get in shape for the holidays with a $30 off coupon for the new FitDesk 2.0.
    On Black Friday, visit and enter coupon code fd30 at checkout.





    A lot of stores are opening on Thanksgiving this year, but if you want to stay indoors then you will be happy to know that you can do a good amount of shopping online. There are an abundance of great sales going on with good prices. Have fun, stay away from the crowds and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May your day be peaceful and joyful!


    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    Introducing The Red Door - Downtown's Newest Beauty Destination


    Elizabeth Arden, Inc. announces the opening of its new spa and beauty boutique, The Red Door, in the heart of Union Square in New York City. The Red Door offers both traditional and speed spa and salon services, as well as a beauty bar for discovering the latest skincare, makeup and color trends. The two-story, 10,000 square-foot spa is an inviting urban escape for a quick beauty fix or a signature spa treatment. Reminiscent of a luxury, residential townhouse with clean, modern fixtures, comfortable furniture and decorative flooring.  The Red Door combines uptown chic with downtown cool for an unmatched experience for today's New Yorkers and visitors.


    Speed services, including blowouts, makeup applications, manicures and waxes, that take under 30 minutes, are offered on the street level, appropriately named SpeedUpStairs. Signature services, including facials, massages, haircuts and color, are offered on the lower level, aptly named CalmDownStairs. In addition to providing the most effective pampering treatments, The Red Door is home to Elizabeth Arden's global beauty boutique and features high-tech skincare and color products from the Elizabeth Arden and Red Door Spa Professional lines. The boutique also offers two exciting technologies: Custom Color Foundation and the Custom Skin Reader.

    Custom Color Foundation is Elizabeth Arden's exclusive technology, designed to perfectly blend a custom foundation matched exactly to every client's skin tone. It not only guarantees a perfect match, but the formulation can be customized based on each individual's needs and preferences. It offers three coverage levels (sheer, medium or full), two finish choices (matte or natural) and the ability to personalize the formula depending on skin type (dry, normal or oily). It can also provide product recommendations and "makeup looks" based on each unique skin tone reading.

    Custom Skin Reader is a tool that provides detailed facial and skin feature analysis. It analyzes visible pigmentation levels, subsurface sun damage, visible pores, crow's feet, the number and depth of wrinkles, and skin texture. Most importantly, it provides detailed product recommendations based on the client's unique analysis and skin concerns, and tracks the progression of skin health.

    The Red Door continues Elizabeth Arden's century-long legacy as a classic, quintessentially New York brand that offers cutting-edge products and treatments.

    Come in – the door is open. 

    Address: 200 Park Avenue South (at 17th Street)
    Hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am – 9pm 
    Phone: 212.388.0222

    Elizabeth Arden is a global prestige beauty products   company with an extensive portfolio of prestige beauty brands sold in over 120 countries.  The company's brand portfolio includes Elizabeth Arden skincare, color, and fragrance products, the celebrity fragrance brands of Britney Spears™, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Usher; the designer fragrance brands of Juicy Couture, Alfred Sung, BCBCMAXAZRIA, , Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie, Ed Hardy, John Varvatos, Kate Spade, Lucky Brand, True Religion and Rocawear; and the lifestyle fragrance brands Curve, Giorgio Beverly Hills®, and PS Fine Cologne.

    With its renowned beauty expertise based on the fundamental elements of day spa pioneer Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa operates 30 day and resort spas nationwide. Red Door Spas' all-encompassing spa menu, complete with award-winning signature services, enhanced specialty treatments and beauty and wellness recommendations, offers everything from facial skincare, massage and body treatments to nail care, hair design, make up artistry and more. Always on the industry cutting edge, every Red Door Spa provides guests with a unique and unforgettable experience, delivering the highest level of technical expertise and impeccable guest service. Committed to enhancing the lives of its guests through beauty, harmony and well-being, and to providing pioneering techniques, quality treatments and advanced services, Red Door Spa continues to expand, innovate and serve as a trend-setting leader within the day spa industry.

    SOURCE Elizabeth Arden, Inc.


    Featured Post

    Review: SEPHORA PRO Palette in Warm #SEPHORA #PROPaletteinWarm

    (product photo courtesy of www.sephora,com )  SEPHORA PRO Palette in Warm $68.00 This deluxe eyeshadow palette with 38 warm color...

    Girl Up

    KVD Vegan Beauty