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Review: STARSKIN After Party Brightening, Close Up Firming BioCellulose Masks and The Gold Mask #STARSKIN #Masks #AfterParty #CloseUp #TheGoldMask

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1.4 oz./40 g/ 1 mask $10
This leave-on coconut bio-cellulose mask is delivers a powerful serum complex to leave skin luminous, brightened and camera-ready. The Starskin After Party Bio-Cellulose Brightening Face Mask intensely energizes skin for a visibly brighter, radiant looking complexion. It is formulated with naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice and it revives and conditions the skin without any irritation. Energizes and recharges visibly dull, tired and lackluster skin. The translucent, cooling sheet contours closely to the face to deliver a powerful complex of Vitamin C and a proprietary herbal medley, all working together to reduce the aging signs of visible dark spots and uneven skin tone. Every brightening face mask is soaked in a full bottle of skin revitalizing organic skincare serum which transforms skin that has been up all night into starlet worthy luminous skin in just 20 minutes. Minimizes dark spots and evens skin tone. This is organic and innovative skincare at its finest. Easy to use, next generation bio-cellulose delivers results in 20 minutes. Cooling second skin brightening face mask. 

Do you want bright skin immediately? Then this is the way to do it. I know you may not believe it, but my skin brightened up immediately when I wore this. I had been having hyperpigmentation problems for a while now and really wanted something that helped out with that. This was it. This lightens up skin and dark spots/freckles in 20-30 minutes. It is a minor miracle. After I saw the results I was about to say, "Hallelujah!"

Here is a photo of me wearing the After Party mask:

1.4 oz./40g/1 mask $10
One of the other masks I tried was the Close-Up Firming Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask. This mask is also made from a coconut Bio-Cellulose, and is a Second Skin Firming face mask that delivers a powerful serum complex to leave skin looking youthfully lifted, smoothed and close-up ready. This mask firms, lifts and sculpts skin for a supple, youthful appearance. The premium Bio-Cellulose is formulated with a naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice, and firms and nourishes the skin without irritation. This translucent sheet mask contours closely to the face to deliver a powerful complex of Glacier extract and Tripeptide-1, which improves the appearance of saggy, drawn skin. Each and every face mask is soaked in 1 oz./30mL of serum that leaves skin looking flawlessly beautiful and ready for even the most high definition close-up. Ace the A-List way to restore firmer and smoother skin in just 20 minutes. This mask is easy to use, is a next generation bio-cellulose that delivers results in 20-30 minutes and is a cooling second skin firming face mask. 

If your skin is pulling more these days, feels thinner and is sagging some, then this is the mask for you. Elasticity and collagen both wear away as we age and only collagen can be produced again. Once the elastin is gone, it is gone. That is why you stay out of the sun, as it is one of the things that promotes free radicals, which basically knocks away the elastin. So, use masks like this to firm up the skin, then sunscreen and keep it firm for as long as possible.

1.4 oz./40g/1 mask $15
THE GOLD MASK Luxury Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Revitalizing Face Mask instantly plumps, replenishes and pampers for a rejuvenated looking skin. Lavish your skin in pure luxury with this mask, a decadent treat for dull, dry or lackluster complexions. Formulated from naturally fermented coconut water, the premiu, Bio-Cellulose sheet mask is infused with a rich creamy serum made from the finest ingredients. A base of very deeply nourishing Evening Primrose extract (68%) leaves skin dramatically softer while pure colloidal gold diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. The mask's miraculous skin-rejuvenating effects are enhanced by collagen-boosting Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, wrinkle smoothing Adenosine and brightening Kudzu root extract. When using the mask, in just 15-20 minutes The Gold Mask will leave your skin replenished, rehydrated and visibly plumper with and opulent, star like glow. 

This mask is meant for those who have very dry, dehydrated and mature skins. It is for those who need a really good moisturizing pick me up. The mask is so rich and so creamy that it left my skin feeling so soft and supple. I didn't mind it at all. My skin is usually dry, except during the summer when it becomes normal. I think anyone with the skins mentioned above would adore this mask. Those with combination, oily and acneic skins should avoid it. 

Here is a photograph of my skin in excellent condition after using all three masks:

STARSKIN is sold in various outlets throughout the country: Barney's New York,,,, Harvey Nichols, Anthropologie and Planet Parfum. The website says SEPHORA sells STARSKIN, but I checked and could not find them on the website. Maybe they only have them in store. Like STARSKIN on Facebook: and Follow STARSKIN on Instagram:  

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Marie Papachatzis

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Review: ZENMED Skincare Products for Acne or Problem Skin #ZENMED #Acne #ProblemSkin #AHAs

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If you have acne or problem skin, then ZENMED has a solution for you. They have a whole range of skincare dedicated to acneic skin. They also have skincare for anti-aging and normal skin. ZENMED has an entire line of skincare dedicated to the needs of everyone's skin. I tried a few items from the line and my reviews are below.

6 fl.oz./180mL $17.00
ZENMED's Facial Cleansing Gel is a gentle pH balanced gel cleanser designed to be gentle to troubled skin. I will not irritate problem skin. Use it twice a day, morning and evening to help with acne. This formulation will not cause dryness or irritation common with major brand name cleansers. It is a naturally-based formulation (with Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Tea Tree) that removes oil, makeup and unwanted residue from the surface of the skin, all while maintaining the skin's natural protective barrier. Cleansing is the first step in helping to prepare the skin for using their Acne treatment products like the Derma Cleanse® Acne Gel or Botanical Acne Mask and Spot Treatment. It is oil-free and alcohol-free. Doctor-formulated to be gentle to sensitive skin or skin undergoing aesthetic treatments like peels and Acne medications. This cleanser is for all skin types, but is ideal for troubled skin suffering from Acne or Rosacea. It removes makeup and oils without upsetting the skin.

To Use:
  • Step 1: Apply to damp skin, massaging into face and neck in circular motions.
  • Step 2: Rinse well with warm water. (Use up to twice daily. Avoid contact with eyes.)
I like this cleanser. It is made with natural botanical extracts. This cleanser does not clog your pores or make things worse with acne. It does the job and gets rid of makeup, dirt and oil. And it does it nicely. It even does a good job with eye makeup. The scent can only be described as herbal. This cleanser is better for those with oilier skins, sensitive skins and acneic skins. 

4 fl.oz./120mL $39.99
ZENMED's Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex is a granular formulation based in a mineral-heavy clay that is designed specifically to provide intensive dermabrasion on the surface of the skin. It does not leave any residue or greasiness behind. This product is ideally used before treatments such as the Skin Eraser as it allows for better penetration of actives. Soap-free cleansing using the benefits of smooth Montmorillonite clay. 

If you have dull, flaky skin and use this it will immediately feel rejuvenated and smooth. This product is ideal for use before applying any sort of treatment, serum or moisturizer. Makeup junkies swear by this product as it smooths the skin without using soaps so skin does not feel dehydrated or uncomfortable afterward. Concealers and foundations go on flawlessly after using this effective manual exfoliator. Skin glows fresh and feels more plump. It is fast becoming ZENMED's  TOP SELLING PRODUCT! This product is ideal for people with sensitivities to various cleansing agents and emulsifiers. It should be used in the evening and the use of sunscreen during the day is highly recommended. Sun exposure should be minimized. This is for all skin types. It is ideal for dull tone, helping Skin Eraser and moisturizer penetrate better into the skin. Helps smooth, rough, uneven skin. 

To use: 

  • Step 1: At night cleanse skin and leave damp.
  • Step 2: Apply small amounts of product to the face and neck.
  • Step 3: Rub in gentle, upwards, circular motions. Rub each section for 30          seconds to 1 minute, then move to another section 
  • Step 4: Rinse face completely and pat dry.

  • This is one of the best "microdermabrasion creams" I have had the pleasure to use. It has clay, ground walnut shells and many botanical extracts in it. It is not as rough as some of the microdermabrasion creams on the market, but provides just enough exfoliation that my skin feels amazing afterwards yet does not feel as if I peeled all the upper layers off in one fell swoop. I would recommend this to all skins except those with active acne and the most sensitive of skins. 

    4 fl.oz./120mL $24.95
    ZENMED's Dermacleanse Acne Mask & Spot Treatment is a Montmorillonite-clay based Acne treatment that helps to heal acne pimples fast and prevent excessive oil buildup on the skin. When applied as a mask to the affected areads it clarifies the pores and helps to draw out impurities. Used as a spot treatment overnight, it reduces the severity and healing time of Acne. 

    One of the major complaints often heard from those who suffer from Acne is excessive oiliness. When applied to the affected areas, you can expect this mask to give you a quicker healing time and reduce the severity of an Acne breakout. The mask component of this treatment helps to remove unwanted greasiness that may be aggravating an already troubled complexion. After you cleanse off the product, skin does not feel dehydrated or uncomfortable like it does with other masks, but skin instead feels soft and free of oil. When applied as a spot treatment to Acne pimples, whiteheads and clogged pores (blackheads), a dramatic difference is seen in healing time and also in redness and inflammation.

    To Use:
    • Step 1: Apply a thin layer of mask product to affected areas only (avoid eyes, nostrils, and lips).
    • Step 2: Wait about 2-5 minutes until mask dries and then rinse off completely or leave on overnight.
    • Step 3: Follow with Oil-Free Day Lotion. (Best used twice a week.)
    This mask has a lot of healing ingredients in it, such as chamomile, witch hazel, sage, kaolin and zinc oxide. These ingredients are known for their ability to help with healing, redness and inflammation. I think this mask is a miracle worker. When I had a small breakout (due to seasonal changes, which is the only time I break out), I used this mask and it immediately helped with the small pimples I had. I used it as a spot treatment and the pimples had almost disappeared by the next day. The redness was gone and the swelling had dwindled to almost nothing. Great product. I would recommend this for all skin types. 

    4 fl.oz./128mL $19.95
    ZENMED's AHA/BHA Complex is an alcohol-free alpha/beta hydroxy acid toner created to be used like a traditional toner would be use. It helps unblock and minimize pores, clear up post-acne discoloration, balance patchy combination skin and gradually remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. A predictable complexion starts with healthy cell turnover and preventing cell build-up. After cleansing with a mild cleanser, such as ZENMED's Facial Cleansing Gel, use this product to clear out dead skin cells. Helping the cell turnover process, using this product smooths unwanted bumpiness and flakiness. Since this product does not strip oil like traditional toners, there is no "rebound effect" that is commonly seen with major brand named products. Try for 7 days then stop for 7. See what a difference it makes. This is fast becoming one of ZenMed's best selling products! It is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive. Helps remove flaky skin, it brightens the complexion, prevents clogged pores and prevents blackheads.

    To Use:
    • Step 1: Cleanse skin and pat dry.
    • Step 2: Apply product to a cotton pad and then apply to face and neck avoiding eyes, nostrils, lips, and earlobes. (Use up to twice daily. Do not use on skin that is broken or irritated.)
    This toner is certainly one of the better toners I have ever used. I love AHAs/BHAs. I would use them all the time if I could. Having them in a toner is perfect because I can use them after cleansing to get rid of the dead skin cells that may not have been left behind from cleansing or from the microdermabrasion cream. I also like to use this after the microdermabrasion cream. It helps set the stage for my skin to take in actives.

    1 fl.oz./30mL $39.00
    ZENMED's L-Ascorbic Booster Serum is a wonderful Vitamin C Serum that helps to boost collagen levels, it softens wrinkles, plumps the skin and improves hyperpigmentation. It will help to create a more even skin tone and a smoother texture on the skin. Boosting collagen levels builds support under the skin, making it appear more radiant, firmer and younger. Vitamin C has long been known as one of the top anti-oxidants for neutralizing free radicals. This serum will help improve visible environmental damage while boosting new collagen creation. The powerful Vitamin C formulation works specifically on pigment changes, loss of tone and volume. 

    To Use: 
    • Cleanse and dry face before application
    • Apply a thin layer over entire face and neck (avoiding eyes and lips). Make sure to use a sunscreen when using this product. Do not use on irritated or broken skin. 
    I am a huge proponent of using a Vitamin C Serum in your skincare routine. This is definitely a very good one. L-Ascorbic Acid is a good form of Vitamin C. The goal is to produce new collagen, help with pigmentation issues, loss of tone and dullness. This serum does all of that. It is a great serum and you really don't need that much for the whole face and neck. I love products that really work and work well. 

    ZENMED is available online at Like ZENMED on Facebook:; Follow ZENMED on Twitter:@zenmed/; Follow ZENMED on Instagram: and Subscribe to ZENMED on YOUTUBE:

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    Marie Papachatzis

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    Review: Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Sugar Texturizing Spray #Number4 #SugarTexturizingSpray #HairCare

    (product photo courtesy of

    4.9 fl.oz./145mL $22.00
    I love hair care products. I especially enjoy good products for hair, mainly because I have what I call a "lion's mane" of long, thick hair that needs to be tamed. I also love styling products that help to tame my lion's mane. I have found a great product that helps to do just that. On the market there are many styling products that promise beach hair but they have salt in them. Well the product from Number 4 High Perfomance Hair Care has sugar in it instead and does a better job of giving your hair texture and waves. This product is called Sugar Texturizing SpraySugar Texturizing Spray denounces salt while heralding sugar in a declaration of love for hair texture that is perfectly undone. Transform limp, lackluster strands into loose, touchably soft, “beach inspired” waves with a nourishing blend of sugar and flexible styling aids. This product aids in style defense against humidity to help build a long-lasting relationship with texture that’s more than just a "summer fling".

    Sugar Texturizing Spray achieves hair texture through simple sugar cane molecules and flexible styling aids, producing a lattice of soft structure and haphazard patterns of loose, shiny waves. Flex net resins help keep glossy texture intact despite unfavorable conditions of heat and humidity, while anti-static properties provide extra nourishment. Usually texturizing sprays are very dry and flat but this one provides great shine as well as texture. It works overtime to create any look required. It is a versatile product. Use it for braids, or to bring texture and movement into straightened flat hair. When added to dry hair you get the "just at the beach look". You can spray into hair, flip upside down and shake, voila, beach hair! For rocker chic style, apply the spray to hair that has been treated with No. 4 Support Solution and Blow Dry Lotion, then dried with a diffuser or on flat ironed/curled hair for bed-head definition. For a night out, apply to dry hair prior to updo styling for added texture. The main directions for most people will be to lightly spray onto damp or dry hair and style as desired. Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. Enjoy the lovely beach waves! Also, the scent of this product is out of this world. It is due to Tonka Beans, Patchouli and Spanish Moss. Everyone comments on the scent and how much they love it. All Number 4 products contain the following exclusive Liquid Complex Culture™: the Liquid Vibrance™ Complex for Color Protection; the Liquid Defense™ Complex for Strength; the Liquid Vitality™ Complex for Anti-Aging and the Liquid Purity™ Complex for Clarity.

    Out of all the "beach wave" hair products I have tried, this is the one I have definitely liked the best. It gave my hair soft, bouncy waves that lasted all day and I do believe it is due to the sugar that is in the formula. The sugar is also better for the hair than salt. Salt dries out the hair, leaving it feeling dry. Right now my hair is very long and does not have any layers to it, so it is difficult to get any waves into it. But I was able to get some waviness with this spray. I used it on dry hair and sprayed it, the worked it through and let it dry. Voila! Some waviness as if I had been swimming in the ocean. Below is a photo of my hair using the Sugar Texturizing Spray

    Number 4 Haircare Sugare Texturizing Spray retails for $22.00 and is sold online at It is also available at fine salons across the country. Like Number 4 on Facebook:; Follow Number 4 on Twitter:@number4haircare; Follow Number 4 on Pinterest:; Follow Number 4 on Instagram: and Subscribe to Number 4 on YouTube:

    Until Next Time~

    Marie Papachatzis

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    Review: Olay Bodycare Products #Olay #BodycareProducts #BodyWash #OlayDUO #AgeDefyingBodyWash

    (product photos courtesy of

    Yesterday I reviewed a few skincare items I received from Olay. Today I am going to review a couple of body care items I also received from them. Olay is diversified in their product range. They have skincare items for the entire body.

    Soothing Orchid & Black Currant
    3.1 oz./90g $9.99
    Olay has come out with one of the most interesting products I have ever seen. It is called the Olay DUO Dual-Sided Body Cleanser and is something that has never been seen before. It is a dual-sided flexible, cleansing puff with body cleanser that exfoliates, cleanses and smooths skin. All you have to do is add water for a rich, cleansing lather. DUO contours along the curves of your body with a breakthrough flexible body cleanser for a close, gentle clean. After you are finished you can then hang DUO in the shower. It lasts for up to 30 uses. DUO has two sides, a cleansing side and an exfoliating side. The exfoliating side renews skin's surface deeper that a body wash puff, while the smooth side conditions skin to make it touchably soft. This product cleans 2X better that Olay's basic body wash + a puff, for an invigorating cleansing experience. The scent is amazing, it is a soothing blend of orchid and rich black currant. DUO brings together your favorite body cleansing products in one breakthrough showering experience. DUO is different because it cleanses, exfoliates, and smooths your skin all in one product. There is no need to add any soap or body wash to it, or use any extra puffs or washcloth with it!. 

    To use, remove DUO from its packaging and tear open the plastic sleeve. Just add water; the cleanser inside DUO lathers with rich suds when wet. Enjoy a complete, close clean with the exfoliating side and smooth side. Use both sides as you like, DUO contours perfectly to the body's every curve. Use daily and hang to dry. When the lather fades, it's time to get a new one. It has been designed and tested to be used for up to 30 showers, or until lather fades. Do not use with other body washes, it is best to discard it and purchase a new DUO. Also, it is designed for adult use, as the lather might cause eye irritation in children. It is not designed for facial use, only for body cleansing. 

    This is something I thought would be really cool. And it is. The Olay DUO Dual-Sided Body Cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and I love how well it exfoliates. The scent is so nice. It is exotic. I feel that this might be something good for travelling, if you have to travel a lot. Also, it is a great idea. The cleanser that they have inside of it is one of the best I have ever used. It is better than most body washes. I really think that most, if not all people who try this will really enjoy it. 

    22 fl.oz./650mL $5.49
    Olay Age Defying Body Wash With Vitamin E is one of Olay's best selling products. Why? Because with this body wash you can reveal younger-looking skin over time with this formula. Its new and advanced age-defying formula with Vitamin E deeply moisturizes skin and helps treat dryness at the source. By penetrating surface skin layer by layer, it cleans and improves the condition of your skin over time. It has unique Lock-in-Moisture Technology, to deliver all-day moisture and healthy looking skin when you cleanse head to toe. Lock-in-Moisture technology infuses skin with moisture without leaving a coated feel on the skin. All you are left with is healthy-looking skin that feels clean and smooth. With continued use, this body wash (with Olay moisturizers and Vitamin E) will give you younger-looking skin. In a clinical study, experts noticed dry skin improvement in 100% of women studied. 

    Olay even offers a Money Back Guarantee that you will love this product. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a product, they will give your money back. See website for details. 

    I have very dry skin. If I take a shower and do not use lotion afterwards, my skin itches like crazy. I need a great body wash that will help moisturize my skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and moisturized so that I don't have to use lotion. That is a tall order. Well I was definitely able to accomplish this with Olay Age Defying Body Wash With Vitamin E. It leaves skin feeling so moisturized, soft and hydrated that skin does not feel itchy after the shower. I was very happy with this body wash and I would recommend it to all women (or men!) with dry skin. It has a nice clean scent to it, nothing overpowering. I think this might be my new body wash. 

    Olay products are available at mass market retailers nationwide, such as WalgreensRite-AidCVS,WalMart and Target. Like Olay on Facebook:; Follow Olay on Twitter:@OlaySkin; Follow Olay on Pinterest:; Follow Olay on Instagram: and Subscribe to Olay on YouTube:

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    Marie Papachatzis

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    Review: Olay Skincare #Olay #Skincare #Retinol #TotalEffects #MicroSculptingCream

    (product photos courtesy of

    Olay has been around for many, many years. They were one of the first skincare companies around. Even though their skincare is sold in mass market retailers, it works extremely well, as well as skincare that costs 400% more than the price of the brand. I received a few items to try out and I was very happy with all of them. My skin has not looked this nice in a while. Sit back, relax and read on for the reviews...

    1.7 fl.oz./50mL
    Olay Total Effects is the main cream behind Olay's skincare success. When it was introduced, women went nuts over it. Why? Because it works so well. It treats 7 signs of aging. This cream does the following:
    • visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles 
    • evens skin tone
    • enhances brightness
    • minimizes the look of pores
    • visibly reduces age spots
    • restores firmness
    • replenishes moisture
    Total Effects also has a variety of moisturizers with SolaSheer Technology and Broad Spectrum SPF 30. SolaSheer Technology and the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 helps protect against UVA/UVB rays from the sun, thus preventing sun damage and reducing the chance that your skin will have fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation in the future. The various moisturizers in the cream nourish with a moisturizing skin-enriching vitamin complex that helps keep skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. A few of the key ingredients in Total Effects are: Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Panthenol, Vitamin E and Glycerin. 

    I have used Total Effects in the now and in the past. I have always liked this cream. It is an all around great anti-aging moisturizer that really works. For me, I noticed how well it helps with evening out my skin tone and making my skin look bright and minimizing its pores. If you are looking for a moisturizer for day, this is a good one. This is a good product for normal, dry, sensitive and combination skins. I would also say that this is for women who are in their 20's, 30's and 40's. 

    1.7 fl.oz./50mL $26.99
    Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream SPF30 is a powerful daytime anti-aging moisturizer with sunscreen. It is formulated with Amino-Peptides and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to hydrate, plump and firm the skin. The lightweight moisturizer leaves skin feeling soft and immediately reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, all while protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays. The sun's rays are the #1 cause of premature skin aging. The cream is fast absorbing and non-greasy. 

    As skin ages, it loses its ability to become responsive to anti-aging ingredients. This results in dryness, wrinkles and sagging skin. Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream reveals younger-looking skin with its unique formula. It has an advanced Amino-Peptide Complex and also hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into the skin's surface to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The formula is designed to deliver moisturizing ingredients 10 layers deep into the skin's surface to reveal younger-looking skin. As soon as day 1, visible wrinkle results start. It improves the skin's texture in 4 weeks. 

    My skin was dry when I started to use this product and it really did help to moisturize and hydrate my skin. It is not a heavy product and works great under makeup. I don't have any wrinkles, so I cannot report on that, but from what I have heard it does work well on fine lines and wrinkles. This cream is recommended for dry and normal skins. Personally, I think this is something that would work well for women in their 40's, 50's and 60's. 

    1.7 oz./50mL $26.99
    Regenerist is Olay's Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is one of Olay's top selling creams, and with good reason. It hydrates skin better than ten of the top creams, even better than a cream that retails for $440 (proven by Good Housekeeping)! This formula is designed with advanced anti-aging ingredients for visible wrinkle results starting the first day you use it. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Amino-Peptides and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), this moisture-binding formula instantly plumps and lifts surface cells away from the skin, leaving skin looking more radiant than before. The luxurious-feeling moisturizer immediately leaves skin hydrated, softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles and firms the look of skin with plumping hydration, to help take years off your "skin age". The anti-aging moisturizing formula penetrates deep into the skin's surface to improve the skin's texture and elasticity. As mentioned previously, the older we get, the harder it is for our skin to react to skincare ingredients. That is why Olay designed Regenerist to go up to 10 layers deep into the skin's surface.

    This cream was designed more for nighttime use, since the others have sunscreeen now. I like how this cream moisturizes my skin and makes it feel so soft and smooth. It really makes the texture of the skin change. This is a heavier cream than the daytime cream. I would recommend it for those with dry and normal skins. This is perfect for those in their 40's, 50's and 60's. 

    0.5 fl.oz./15mL $26.99
    Olay Pro Retinol Treatment for Eyes is a wonderful wrinkle-fighting cream. Using Retinyl Propionate, one of the best ways to fight wrinkles, it starts to immediately go to work on fine lines, deep wrinkles and crow's feet. You will find that it smooths skin in as little as 4 weeks. The potent formula helps increase the rate of cell turnover, which slows down as we age, to smooth the look of wrinkles. It also has strong hydrating ingredients to fortify the skin's natural moisture barrier, allowing skin to better retain moisture. This cream renews skin's surface over time for brighter skin too. 

    For best results, use the targeted applicator tip to apply along wrinkles. Lightly tap product with ring finger around the whole eye area to minimize pulling or rubbing on the delicate eye area. This product has been dermatologically tested. Use morning and evening. Retinol can be strong, if irritation develops, hold back and use only once a day. 

    I have just the very beginnings of fine lines under my eyes. I found that this product works extremely well, getting rid of my lines in as little as 2 weeks (like I said, they are very small). Personally, I think Retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market. It really does work. Make sure to use an SPF when using this product, so irritation does not develop. 

    Olay products are available at mass market retailers nationwide, such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, WalMart and Target. Like Olay on Facebook:; Follow Olay on Twitter:@OlaySkin; Follow Olay on Pinterest:; Follow Olay on Instagram: and Subscribe to Olay on YouTube:

    Until Next Time~

    Marie Papachatzis

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    Saturday, June 24, 2017

    Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan & The Bronze Brush No.12 #MarcJacobsBeauty #OMegaBronze #TheBronzeBrush

    (product photos courtesy of www,

    This summer up your tan game with Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze in Tan-Tan-Tastic! This oversized radiant-matte powder bronzer is perfect for the face and body. It instantly beautifies with the touch of a brush. Created with micro-fine, jet-milled powder and advanced pigment technology, O!Mega Bronzer blends seamlessly onto your skin for a flawless, radiant-matte finish. Conditioning agents ensure a smooth, silky texture, while the bronzer's universal shade, Tan-Tastic!, gives you a natural looking, even glow. For optimal bronzing, apply with the Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzing Brush

    I finally found a bronzer that works with my pale skin tone. The color may not look right on the screen but it is a beautiful shade. It's a beautiful light brown that anyone can with light to medium-dark skin could wear. And is smells like coconut. I have never had a bronzer that worked for me before and I finally have one that looks decent on me. Usually they end up looking muddy and too orangey or too dark. It also makes a great contour shade for my cheeks.

    Here is a photo of me wearing the bronzer on my cheeks and forehead:

    The Marc Jacobs The Bronze-Bronzer Brush No.12 is a beautiful deluxe extra-large bronzer brush that gives your face and body an effortless, sunkissed glow, in a limited edition white handle and brush head. Created to amplify the performance of O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan, this luxurious brush (made with synthetic, anti-bacterial hair) was designed with a generous, extra-wide shape and feather-soft bristles for a natural-looking, perfectly blended tan. Extremely easy to apply on the face and body, use this brush for a fool-proof finish and instant bronzing success.

    This is the perfect brush to use with the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan. That product is large and needs a large brush that has compact bristles which can apply the powder in a neat fashion. This brush does exactly that. I love how it picks up just the right amount of powder and applies it without being too heavy. And it blends like a dream. It is just about the best brush I have ever used. 

    Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan is available at and SEPHORA stores. The Marc Jacobs Beauty The Bronze-Bronzer Brush No.12 is available at, and at SEPHORA stores. Like Marc Jacobs Beauty on Facebook:; Follow Marc Jacobs Beauty on Twitter: @MarcBeauty; Follow Marc Jacobs on Instagram: and Subscribe to Marc Jacobs on YouTube: Like SEPHORA on Facebook:; Follow SEPHORA on Twitter: @Sephora, Follow SEPHORA on Pinterest:; Follow SEPHORA on Instagram:; Subscribe to SEPHORA on YouTube:; Follow on Google+: Sephora/posts; Follow SEPHORA on Wanelo: and Follow SEPHORA on Tumblr: 

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