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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bronzer for the Beautiful, Pale Princess

I had a specific request to do a blog on bronzer for the pale princesses. Personally I find that almost all bronzers are too orange. It is sad really. And all of them are promoted as being gorgeous and perfect for anyone. So I have a little secret. I don't use regular bronzer. I use brownish blush. Yep. Since I am very pale, almost white I don't want to look orange-y so I have found a few colors that fit my routine. 
Here they are. My favorite is Benefit Dallas. It is a pinkish brown that gives the best glow to the skin. I look like I have been in the sun for a few days! Another is Benefit's Hoola. It leans brown but still gives that bronzy glow. The next is MAC's Her Own Devices, which came out with the Disney collection a few months ago. I am not a fan of most of the MAC bronzers for myself as they are all too orange on me but they work quite well if you are darker. The only one I like is Refined Matte Suntan. It is a little dark but is at least Matte. I do believe most bronzers should be matte for daytime otherwise you risk looking too glowy. 
The big question some people have is: where do I apply the bronzer so I don't look like a clown? You want to apply it in places where the sun would hit your skin. Take a large brush. Maybe even dip it in some powder first. Then, swirl it in the bronzer and lightly apply to cheeks like blush (mostly the upper part of the cheeks, towards the eyes), near the temple and above the temples and eyes. Finally if you feel brave you can apply just the lightest little bit to your nose (the outside line of the nose, this is where dipping the brush in powder is handy). It is always easiest to apply more product than to take it off. Start light and then put on more if you need it. If you can see a lot then you have probably put on too much.
Remember: bronzer is not for everyone. It is a starter product that you have to get used to. Once you get used to it you can go overboard and then be one of those who uses WAY too much. :) 
In this picture I used Benefit Dallas. I also used the new little trio from Wet n' Wild I got yesterday. It's an okay little trio called Dancing in the Clouds. The crease color is a bright purple and the lid is a shimmery copper. On the brow is a shimmery taupe. Suprisingly for the new Wet n'Wild trios the payoff is terrible. I love the new shadows and this one is just dissapointing. :(  Pass on them if you see them. Just my $.02!

MAC is available at www.maccosmetics.com, Benefit is available at Sephora, Beauty.com, Ulta.


  1. The only use I have for Wet & Wild products are for one time costuming events at Halloween or News Year's Eve. In the past, my eyes were so often irritated by their products that I avoid them.

  2. Someone sent me an anonymous comment regarding Wet n'Wild. She said that she didn't of their brand much past Halloween. I think if she takes another look she might be pleasantly surprised by what they have been putting out lately. Not the best items in the drug store, but some fun stuff at a steal by far.

  3. I'm glad you were disappointed w/the WnW Dancing in the Clouds trio. It's nowhere to be found on my side of the SF Bay Area, so it takes the sting out that I can't find it. That & I don't want to drive 45 min - 1 hr to find it in the Bay Area. I do love their other palettes, especially the Icon Color palettes in Vanity & Lust.


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