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Friday, August 12, 2011

Glow baby glow! Makeup Artist's Choice Peels.

Let me tell you something. I like peels. I love the idea of putting acid on my face and having layers of old, dead skin peel off to reveal youthful glowy skin underneath. How fun is that? I have normal skin that is not sensitive and can in summer be a little more oily in the T-Zone. So, I like to go full force with as much product as I can and peel away!
Currently I use a number of different things. I did find this site called Makeup Artist's Choice that has cosmetics and skincare. Now I will tell you this. I am an esthetician and I am able to purchase their products without proof of a license and they have some products (like the Jessner's peel and TCA peel) that should only be used by a professional. So, either these products are not professional strength or they are skirting the law. Hmmm...
In my last order I bought the 40% Lactic Acid (1 oz. $33.75). I feel I can use this kind of product fairly easily so it isn't an issue for me. I cleansed my face with my wonderful Clarisonic (another topic for a blog), dried, used the Prep Solution, and waited for it to be very dry and not damp. I then applied the peel with a cotton swab to my entire face. I really want to work on my T-Zone, since it is oilier, so I applied twice there. Then I, and this is kicker, left it on. I did not wash it off or neutralize it. On my skin I did feel some tingling but no redness. I waited 10 minutes and then applied their Argan Oil (1 oz. $10.00), which could act as a neutralizer, as it would just stop the peel from oxidizing. The next day I had some peeling on my forehead but that is the only place.
For those of you who have little experience with peels, I would not do what I just did. Caveat emptor. Instead I would definitely neutralize with water or a baking soda and water solution (Baking soda is alkaline and will neutralize the acid better than water). Another option is to start with peel pads, such as the Philosophy Microdelivery pads I mentioned in another post. DO NOT under any circumstances purchase the TCA or Jessner's peels unless you have someone who knows what they are doing. My best guess though is that these peels are somewhat less effective in general than most peels on the market. I like the one I bought and will continue to use it until it is gone, but I have adapted it to my needs. I hope that this has helped or answered a question that someone has had about website's like this. :)


  1. Dear Makeup Junkie,
    Do chemical peels help with sun damaged skin?

    Makeup Novice

  2. Yes, to an extent. It all depends on how much sun damage one has. These are light peels and can only go so far down to the epidermis. If you really want to get rid of look of severely sun damaged skin, the Jessner's Peel and TCA Peel help. Also, peels available in a doctor's office are great, but those take off LAYERS of skin. Afterwards we are talking, GLOWY, smooth, minimal pores. These peels are VERY expensive too.
    These peels are "refreshers" that are meant to just lightly exfoliate the skin and will add a nice glow thereafter. You can keep doing them at home. These will give you similar results just at a smaller level. And they are less expensive

  3. I can't use most peels because I am so sensitive. I burn immediately so my esthetician uses the ones with fruit such as cherries.

  4. Dear Makeup Junkie,
    I have never used a peel of any kind. My skin tends to be a little sensitive. I have pores on my nose I would like to get rid of or minimize and some fresh, glowing skin sounds good to me. I used Biore pore strips years ago and they seemed to work, but they left some small, red capillaries, which faded, so I quit using those. I might try the Philosphy Microdelivery pads that you mentioned. Where is the best place to find those? Also, what is Clarisonic?
    Your Friend, AI

  5. Dear Reader,
    Is your esthetician actually using mashed up cherries in the mask or a mask that has an extract of cherries in it? Either way it is not going to be able to penetrate the skin but rather soothe it and give the skin a nice exfoliation. Which is fine, since that is what you are going for in a facial in the first place.

  6. Al,
    Sensitive skin is skin that turns red when products are applied to it, not skin that breaks out from products. Let us assume you do have the true kind of sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, the Philosophy pads might make your skin quite irritated. Just warning you. :)
    The Clarisonic on the other hand is right up your alley! It is a cleansing device that uses sonic movement of more thatn 300x per second to clean and soften the skin (this is according to Clarisonic.com) The classic Clarisonic runs $195. Let me tell you. It is worth every penny. I actually got mine from Skin Store.com for 20% off! They also have a smaller version, the Mia, that is $149. Since your skin gets red easily it might benefit more form something like this. Then you can add a VERY MILD scrub to the cleansing routine for exfoliation. But I would stay away from Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids if you have true sensitive skin. Sorry! :)

  7. I love this peel and have been using it for some weeks now. It has re-enlivened my facial skin! Although my skin has always been a tad oily, but never in the extreme, at age 48 my skin has been rapidly slowing down and losing sheen, elasticity and the ability to rapidly repair. Scary how quickly age can hit. With this product, my pores have returned to activity worthy of at least 5 years ago; I'm not joking. Interestingly, I no longer can spot that one tell tale breakout prior to my period. An amazing product.

  8. I am so happy you are doing so well with your skin! Thank you for sharing this. I am a huge believer in peels. They really do work wonders. :)


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