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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let’s Get Naked. Naked lips that is…

Recently Urban Decay decided to expand on the popularity of their Naked palette by adding a few complementary colors to their line of cosmetics. Their Naked palette has been the most successful palette to this date. It’s no surprise really, considering how they managed to come out with so many beautiful, buttery neutral shades in one cute little velvety box.
The new products are: Naked Lipstick ($22.00), Naked 24/7 Glide On lip pencil ($18.00), the 27/7 Travel Set of 5 ($32.00) and Naked Lip Junkie Lip Gloss ($19.00). They are exclusive to Urban Decay. I previously reviewed the travel pencil set here, Urban Decay Holiday Sets, so I won’t go into that one again.


When I got the email for the Naked products all I was promised was: Get More Naked. Basically they wanted to expand the products to include some items that would look nice with the Naked palette. I thought, okay, sounds good to me! I am always on the search for the perfect lip liner. I have in my possession, probably 30 “naked” looking lip liners that I have been hoping will do the job. I like a light brown with just the slightest hint of pink. How hard is that?

I applied the Naked lip liner this morning and it looked very nice, pink with just the slightest hint of brown (and I mean just the slightest). I then applied the Naked lipstick, which is very creamy. Such a nice formula now! I haven’t used an Urban Decay lipstick in ages and their formula has changed a lot, it used to be very dry. One thing about the tube. It is difficult to open. The end of the tube is shaped as a knife. To open the tube one must pull hard on the knife. I think the design of the tube should be changed. The Naked color is very pink, it does not make my lips look “naked” at all. I have other colors that are much more suited for this. Then I tried the lip gloss. The color is exactly the same as the lipstick. I find that really nice. UD Lip Junkie is very sticky and has some peppermint in it, so when first applied it feels fresh. That freshness seems to last at least for a half an hour. The lip gloss is shimmery but not to the point that other people will feel blinded.
Overall, I am glad I purchased the three products. I really like the lip liner. Urban Decay makes great long wearing pencil products and this one is no exception. After taking the swatch photo, it took a lot of scrubbing to get the pencil off. Also, I love the formulas and color for the lipstick and gloss. Urban Decay seems to come out with winners more often than not every year. I am rarely disappointed with any of their products.

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