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Friday, October 7, 2011

POP Beauty Brown Eyes Palette


I am such a sucker for the Haute Look sales. Every so often they will have a bonanza of goodies like old Urban Decay clearance or just recently, POP Beauty and Pixi. So guess what? I bought all of those things!!!! I really need a 12 step program…


Yesterday I had a great UPS day. The POP and Pixi stuff came. I am going to show you the eye I did with the POP Beauty Brown Eyes Palette. The palette has 12 shadows, ranging from light greenish browns to dark reddish browns. I find that with my blue-green eyes it makes my eyes look really nice.




The shadows on these palettes have decent pigment and payoff. They have very little fallout, which is nice with the darker shadows. Most of these are discontinued but are popping up on sites like www.hautelook.com, www.gilt.com, so if you can find them the prices are great. I paid $9.00 for this one!


I have a ton of other stuff that I purchased from Haute Look that day that I am going to try and get on here. Some of this is Pixi, which is still currently at Target. I don’t like to pay the high prices that Target is charging but Haute Look had some great prices for them! Yippee!

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