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Friday, December 16, 2011


A few years ago, right after the holidays, Revlon and Prescriptives came out with some Illuminating makeup that took the cosmetic world by storm. The idea was all about small pearls that reflected light off the skin to make it dewy and glow. Well, it has been a few years and we are in need of dewy skin again I guess.


L’Oreal has three items in their collection: a primer, a brightening concealer and a fluffy mousse blush. The primer comes in just one color, a white shimmery liquid. I mixed it with my foundation to add the brightening effect. I found that it did brighten the foundation but any shimmer product will do that. The concealer comes in three shades. I purchased the fair and as you can see, it BARELY shows up in the swatch photo. I took a number of photos to try and get it to show up. This means it is a very light color. I applied it under my eyes and it indeed made any dark circles disappear.


Let’s talk about the blush. It comes in four colors. I picked a nice light pink tone. If you look at the swatch it looks like I put a ton on my hand. I did. Try putting that on your face. Then it seems to meld into my skin with repeated applications. I find that I don’t want to have to reapply a lot of blush on my skin. At first it looks okay and then it suddenly wasn’t there. I think I will just take this color and not purchase any more. So basically, I am happy with one product, the concealer. Now these products are not inexpensive anymore. I was lucky that L’Oreal was Buy One Get One Half Off at Rite-Aid so that I saved a lot of money. The primer,concealer and blush each run around $12.95. They will likely also be available at other drugstores very soon.


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