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Friday, December 30, 2011


I am a big fan of Maybelline’s Dream Nude foundations. This line must be popular with many people since they keep adding to it with different types of foundations. I especially like the Dream Nude Mousse. So I was intrigued to find the new Dream Nude Airfoam. It is $10.99 at Walgreens without any specials this week. I purchased Porcelain Ivory since I am very fair. It has a SPF 16 sunscreen in it, but given that the sunscreen is chemical, I would not count on it for protection. Make sure to use a moisturizer or regular sunscreen with at least 30 in it underneath the foundation for the best protection.

The second foundation I am going to review is the Revlon Photoready Airbrush foundation, which is an extension of their Photoready line that is very popular. I found this in 001 Vanilla at Wal-Mart for $10.48. Unlike the Maybelline foundation, the Revlon one doesn’t have an SPF in it (highly unusual these days) so you will definitely need to wear at least a 15 or higher when using this.
Revlon on left, Maybelline on Right

This morning, 12/30/11, I decided to use the Maybelline Dream Nude Mousse. The instructions are very specific: shake, hold can upright and dispense onto a tissue the first time. I didn’t follow them. I went ahead and dispensed onto my sponge. Because I have issues with my right hand I found it hard to press the applicator. I am not sure if this will be an issue with everyone. I doubt it. Anyway, I pressed and a HUGE amount of product came out. It was very light at first and then it oxidized into the right color for my skin. Actually, the very first amount of product that came out was white but I threw that away. I found the foundation easy to blend into the skin. I did not, however, have much coverage. This disappointed me.

This afternoon I decided to try the Revlon Airbrush foundation. I must say that there is a major difference in this one. I shook it first and when it came out it was easier and the mousse was definitely less yellow. Also, there was less of it. For me, being slightly disabled right now, it is nice so that I don’t feel I am wasting so much product. When I applied it the mousse melded right into my skin and seemed to cover a little bit better than the Maybelline one.

When you have a mousse foundation you cannot expect it to cover like a liquid, that is the most important thing to remember. Also, because it is aerated, it will not have as much product in the container and will not last as long as other foundations. That said, it is a nice change of pace to have a mousse foundation, similar to the ones that were around in the early 1990’s! I like the Revlon one better, as it has a better tone for my skin and better coverage. I would love to hear comments from you!

Much more impressed with the Revlon than the Mayelline. Tried the Maybelline again today and had same results: a ton of foam came out and it was very yellowish on my skin.. Tried Revlon yesterday on full face and loved it, the foam was more neutral and I didn't need a lot of it for my face to cover the entire thing. I do like the Revlon better.


  1. I remember Maybelline's first mousse foundation back in the late 80s early 90s. I loved it. Part of me wants to run out and try one of these and part of me wants to stick with what I'm using these days: powder foundations.

  2. aerated foundations mean lots more air and multiple layers.., and if that Maybelline is like that. YIKES.. I will probably buy 1 each.. but I need to find the right color

  3. i just picked up the maybelline & i like it. but i also like light coverage. i don't like a lot of coverage unless it's special occassions. i was curious on how these compare. thank you for this

  4. I have been using both and after all this time I like the Revlon on much better. I is highly pigmented and you only need to use a small amount. A much better deal. The Maybelline has very little payoff in the mousse form, surprisingly, but if you want just a little coverage it might be right up your alley!

  5. omg, so i went to walmart, and you know how at places like walmart, people just opne up makeup that are not testers and just test them out? well, they did this with the maybelline foam one, so i was like okay...whatever...it's already open, i'll test it. anyways, when i sprayed it, it scared the crap out of me because i guess i wasnt expecting THAT much foam to come out with such a little pump, lol!
    idk...kinda wanted to try it, but after reading that there's not much coverage, i think i'm going to have to pass....thanks for the review! :)

  6. Bree-Zy: I am glad you got something out of the review. Wasted money on cosmetics that cost a small fortune these days is not fun. Even after all these months I still think the Revlon is the better buy.

  7. Excellent review! I'm glad you compared the two, I've been teetering between trying them. I may end up getting the Revlon! Thanks!

  8. Be careful using the Revlon one, a little mousse goes a long way! I am glad you like the review. I still use the Maybelline one, only to finish up the product though. :(

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