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Monday, January 30, 2012


One day I was lurking on Makeup Alley and I heard about this company called Inglot Cosmetics. So I took a look at their website, www.inglotcosmetics.com. I about drooled all over my keyboard. Everything looked so good. And the prices were pretty good too, in line with MAC. Plus they had what they call the Freedom System. With the Freedom System, similar to MAC’s pan system, you buy pan shadows, lipsticks or blushes, put them in a large magnetic holder and you have palettes. Inlgot now has a 40 pan Freedom palette! Also, their Freedom System is incredibly inexpensive! If you look at the amount of colors they have, you will be amazed. The shadows cost $5.00 each for the Freedom System. The palettes vary but a 20 shadow palette is $20.00.

Inglot was started over 25 years ago by a chemist who was doing R&D research for a pharmaceutical company. He wanted to produce high quality products that had good prices. I must say that he met his goal. Inglot is now available all over the world. I order from their store in New York at the Chelsea Market Building. Sometimes they are hard to reach via email but when you order online the order comes in a timely manner.

For this look I wanted to do a neutral eye with a pop of color. I love neutrals and I love purple, so I thought that would look great together and really bring out the green in my eyes. The hard thing about the Freedom System is that once the shadows are in the palettes they are VERY hard to get out! I am wearing Pearl 399 (shimmery medium taupe) in the crease. Defining the crease I am wearing Pearl 452 (shimmery reddish brown), I then used this color on the outer edge of the lid and underneath the eye. On the lid I used Pearl 441 (bright shimmery purple) and under the brow AMC Shine 29 (shimmery, glittery pink). Lining the upper lid I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #8, shimmery purple. My mascara is MAC False Lashes in Black.

I used Inglot products on my cheeks and lips today too. Their blushes and lipsticks are also particularly good. My blush is AMC 57 (shimmery pink). AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components, these run a little higher in price, $14.00. I looked on the site and it doesn’t explain what AMC really means but I am assuming that the product has extra shimmer or glitter to it. On my lips I am wearing Lipstick 413, a Matte Light Pink, $12.00. I find it a little drying on the lips. I prefer their other lipsticks, which are phenomenal in color and texture.

I am really happy with the payoff and pigmentation of all the products I have tried in the Inglot line. I have pigments, blushes, liquid liners, eyeshadows and lipsticks. The eyeshadows go on like butter! I highly recommend this line to anyone, whether they are just starting out with a makeup collection or have a collection already. You will not be disappointed.

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