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Friday, January 6, 2012



Any time I a product that says it will work for 6, 12, or yet 24 hours I (gasp) actually expect the product to do its job and work for that long. Yes, I know I must be dreaming. The cosmetic world is feeding me a load of hooey.

The other day I saw that Maybelline had come out with Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow I was hopeful for something that would actually work for 24 hours, but let’s face it at least through the day! I bought Pomegranate Punk (shimmery burgundy) and Painted Purple (bright slightly shimmery purple).


I applied the Painted Purple color over an NYX eyeshadow primer. I did notice right away that the color started to crease. Okay, not good! So I powdered over it and then applied more of the cream shadow. This seemed to work better and the shadow wore pretty well throughout the day. I think that when I try the burgundy color I will not use a primer and see how it goes. Possibly the primer makes the lid a little too oily which causes the creasing. Creasing IS caused by lid oiliness, hence the need for primer. But cream shadows are different and you can get by without using a primer with them if you feel the need. I just like the idea of using one all the time. If anyone else has used the Color Tattoo product I would love to hear your results!


  1. I absolutely adore'em. but you must wear without any primer. the staying power is all included without bull--- They'll last longer than anything you've ever worn.
    I have plenty of high end make up & ended up wearing the burgundy throughout the holidays.

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I will definitely not use a primer then and see how it goes. I love the purple color, it is so bright. :)

  3. oh that is so pretty with your red hair & lip color- against all the warm tones. i like that last pic best. you look great!


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