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Saturday, February 4, 2012


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In a Hell Freeze’s Over moment, my daughter said yes to me doing her makeup AND posting it here on the blog! We took a few products that I had planned to review and decided to use them in one fell swoop. She was very relaxed about the whole idea, meaning she didn’t want to put her hair down or change her clothes. You know how adolescents are! Normally she is a beauty queen type. So excuse the yellow tee that seems to clash.



We used pop Beauty’s Lid Pastel which looks adorable in the pan. It has six shadows, ranging from white to purple. These can be added to shadow you have on to make them pop a bit more or alone for a more subtle but shimmery pastel look. When added to my daughter’s eye, as you can see, it was more along the lines of where the heck were they? I even wet them for more pigmentation and I still got nada, zip, zilch! I used the green in the crease and the pink on the lid. From the photos it looks like there is almost nothing there. I would not recommend these for anyone. I purchase them from www.hautelook.com but I also think the are available at Target stores. To line her eyes I used an old HIP Studio Secrets liner in Violet. These go on so smoothly. I really should use more of them as opposed to liquid liner! They go on like buttah! Then we applied e.l.f. liquid eyeliner in Stardust, a glimmery, glittery liner that on top of the HIP liner looked adorable.


For the cheeks I wanted to try the new Revlon Photoready blush in Pink Rose. I use this on myself all the time and like it a lot. I figured it would look great on her, right? My daughter has a completely different bone structure than I do and blush doesn’t really look that great on her yet. She is only 12. I used the pink color on the apples of her cheeks and it looked somewhat pink. Then I tried to contour but it didn’t really look that good. I highlighted the upper part of her cheeks with the highlighter and it looked somewhat better. All in all, the blush really wasn’t her thing. Maybe a cream blush would look better on her. She could control the color better and I would recommend a bright pink tone so that it could be toned down a little by powder. For her lips she picked out a Hard Candy gloss I had sitting around. She loves Hard Candy and always buys their products. This one is the Plumping Serum volumizing lipgloss in spark ( a bright shimmery pink). My daughter has cute lips that are almost perfectly shaped and don’t need lipliner. I am soooooo jealous! I applied the gloss and it looked really good on her lips. The pink was a nice color, not too loud, just enough shimmer. I would recommend this for adults and kids alike.


Unfortunately, out of everything I reviewed here, I would really only recommend the e.l.f. liquid liner and the Hard Candy lip gloss. I like the blush for myself but I think it works great for my cheek bones. Anyway, I hope this was helpful for your preteen. Yes, my daughter is really into makeup. She takes after me of course!


  1. I went to see yours and loved it too! I definitely followed.

  2. She has beautiful lips like her mother.

    1. Thanks! Hers is a different shape, more like my husband's. Both my kids lucked out like that. I really wanted to do a funky, fun look with her.

    2. Tell the "oldest daughter" that she is a beautiful person. she should be your model more often.

    3. I am always tring to get her to model for me! I will tell her that. She looks much better sans scowl.


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