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Friday, March 23, 2012


I am a huge fan of the British line Illamasqua. They are hip, new and up and coming. They also have some of the best eyeshadows and blushes out in the cosmetic world right now. Every collection that they come out with is funky and reminiscent of early MAC. Illamasqua strives to be different and they want their products to be for everyone. I really loved last year’s Spring/Summer collection, Toxic Nature, which I think was particularly inspired. This year’s collection is quite interesting. There is a few things for everyone I think. The Illamasqua website has been redesigned so you can check their prices in US dollars now. Their products are also available at www.sephora.com and various Sephora stores.
In the first picture you see the Neutral eyeshadow palette, which has four eyeshadows and was used for this look: Stealth (a matte cream), Vintage (shimmery bronze), Obsidian (matte black), and Wolf (matte dark brown). The Neutral palette is in the next photo and consists of two shadows, a liquid metal and a cream pigment: Hype (bright yellow shadow), Surge (silver liquid metal), Inception (duochrome violet shadow) and Bedaub (mint green cream pigment). The third photo is of three single shadows: Vernau (dark brown matte), Pivot (bright neon green matte) and Burst (medium matte teal). The next photo is of the Precision Ink in Scribe (matte white). And the last is of the Skin Base in Au (gold shimmer). If you go to their web site you will see other products, especially a lovely lipstick in a teal color. I thought that would be a tad too much for me, so I skipped it. I purchased the two eyeshadow palettes, three of the single eyeshadows, the liquid eyeliner and the Skin Base foundation with the gold shimmer. Both lipsticks were quite dark and not my style and I really don’t wear nail polish on my fingernails so I skipped those.
For this look I used the Neutral Palette, Pivot shadow, blush in Tremble and lipstick in Sonnet. On the eyes I took the Neutral Palette and used Wolf in the crease, on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. I then took Obsidian and blended it into the crease to deepen it and give the impression of a deeper set eye (my eyes are heavily lidded). I then took Pivot and used it on the lid from the inner edge to the center and under the eye in the inner corner. I used Stealth under the brow and blended it in to Wolf. I used the Precision Ink in Scribe on the upper lid. I will say that it is a very heavy matte white. It is not something that I think can be pulled off by most people while wearing a lot of makeup. I think it would look better if the person was not wearing much makeup, it would then give the illusion of a brighter, larger eye. For my mascara I used MAC’s False Lashes in Black. As I mentioned, I used their blush in Tremble (bright pinky with just a hint of peach). This collection didn’t have any blushes. I ADORE Illamaqua’s blushes! They are true to color and are pigmented. Plus, all of the colors are so beautiful. When you put them on you feel almost like a princess! I have vowed not to wear just plain nude tones this spring, so I took a peach color like Sonnet and wore it. I find that their lipsticks are very heavy in pigment but they are also drying on the lips. It is too bad too, because the colors are also beautiful.
I like the Human Fundametalism collection. It is funky and I think everyone could find something to wear. In US Dollars, the palettes come to $47.62 if you order from their website, the single shadows are $24.60, the Precision Ink is $26.98 and the Skin Base is $39.68. The collection is also available on www.sephora.com and the palette there is only $42.50. There is also a repromote of a shadow, called Can Can (bright matte purple). I love this shadow and already have it but think it would be a great one if you like bright colors. The nice thing about this collection is that it has a little something for everyone.

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  1. These are beautiful colors. I especially love the neutral palette. You are one of the few people I know who can really rock a white eyeliner! I hope you will do more videos. I love watching you apply your makeup because your hands are so steady.


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