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Friday, March 30, 2012


I have hair that no matter how many layers I get, still does not want to have any “oomph” at the roots. And I have tried many pomades, gels, mousses and sprays to get that “oomph”! Recently I received a great little product that promises wonderful root lift, normally for thinning hair, but I think it works great for any hair type.
Keranique Volumizing Lifting Spray ($19.95 for 3.4 oz., available at www.keranique.com) is targeted for those who have issues with aging hair: thinness and flatness.  The spray contains a complex of keratin, amino acids and proteins that help fortify and strengthen thinning hair. There are also ingredients that help to hydrate, nourish and stimulate the circulation at the hair follicles.
I tried this product on wet hair and dry hair. When I tried it on wet hair, it was just after I had shampooed and conditioned. I sprayed it at the roots, bent over and blow-dryed. I found that my hair had significantly more volume than the other product I had been using. I don’t shampoo every day (since my hair is chemically treated and very dry), so I also decided to use it on dry hair and see if I get any results. I sprayed it on my roots when they were dry and then kind of teased it with my hands. It really gave me great volume. I did find the product made my hair stiff when I used it that way, but I honestly didn’t mind since I got such great results. Finally I have the “oomph” I have been looking for!


  1. dry shampoo is amazing. KuscoMurphy has some stuff called Rockster that I am inlove with. You can't get it anymore...maybe on Amazon somewhere.

  2. I have some that I use too but it always makes my dry hair feel powdery. :(

  3. Sounds great! Pics of your hair, please.

  4. That sounds wonderful. My hair is a mess.

  5. you can really see the volume in your hair! I have thin hair and not much works for it either. thanks for the review, I have to check this out


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