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Saturday, April 7, 2012



This look was done entirely with Sephora cosmetics. It is a bright spring/summer look that is not for the faint of heart. Do you like bright eye shadow? Here you go. This is something that I think anyone can attempt. First we have the Silk Shadow Quad ($25.00)in Brazilian Sea. Also on the eyes is the Smoky cream liner in Electric Teal ($10.00). I used the Apricot Brandy Chrome blush ($16.00) from the Color of the year kit. Finally Sephora lipgloss in 15 Shimmery Cute Pink ($15).



For the eyes, take the matte brown color from the quad and use it in the crease, on the outer edge of the lid and underneath the eye. Then use the very bright shimmery teal on the inner portion of the lid. Bring a little bit of the teal underneath the eye right on the inner portion of the lower lid. Under the brow use the light shimmery peach tone. Line the upper lid with the Electric Teal Smoky Cream liner, which really emphasizes the blue look for the eye. Use the Apricot Brandy Chrome blush on the cheeks, just lightly. For the lips, they can be pink and shimmery with the pink lipgloss.

These products are available at www.sephora.com and SEPHORA stores. Just ignore the band-aid I have on my nose! My nose pads from my glasses are giving me trouble and I need to get them adjusted. That is why I always have red marks on my nose. Just a lesson for those of us who wear glasses: get them adjusted before it becomes a problem! Smile

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