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Thursday, April 12, 2012



I, like many people, have dry lips. I am always searching for a good lip balm. Recently I had the chance to test Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand: Propolis and Honey All in One Lip and Face Balm. I have been using it for my lips, which I find parched all the time.

The balm has very few ingredients and almost all of them are organic. The balm contains: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic avocado oil, organic beeswax and Medicine Mama’s Proprietary blend of Honey and Propolis. Honey itself is anti-septic and anti-bacterial. Propolis is an active resin dating back centuries.

The balm can be used on the lips for dryness, or it can be used to treat burns, rashes, scrapes, scars, cuts and bites. It also helps to soothe irritated and dry skin. The Bee Magic Wand is $12.95 (.50 oz)and is available at www.medicinemamasapothecary.com There are other products available in the line: a cream with this proprietary blend, a baby cream, and V Magic (for intimate skin).


I have been using the wand for about a week now. It is very soft, slick and creamy going on. I find that like most lip balms, it lasts a good while if not licked off. A lot of people have the tendency to lick their lips, making them dry in the first place. So it is hard to get in the habit of not licking off any lip balm. I like the fact that it has so few ingredients and that most of the ones in it are organic or come from bees. And the balm is huge. I think it will last forever, at .50 oz. I find myself reaching for it more than my Fresh Sugar balm or Pangea Organics balm. To me that says something.


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