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Friday, June 1, 2012



The other day when I posted the purple nail polish picks for summer I was surprised that they were received so well. So…I decided to do a post on pinks and corals! Everyone loves pinks. And coral is the Pantone color of the year. I placed them all on a white background, so they are easier to see. I picked 20 from my personal collection that I thought would be nice on just about anyone. Or that anyone would be able to find a favorite amongst them.


L’Oreal Pink Shells is a beautifully shimmery fuchsia. It’s part of their new line of nail enamel that is actually very good. Zoya Kimber is a pink with lots of gold shimmer throughout that makes is look almost coral. Zoya Gabrielle is one of those rare orange/coral shades that you look at and don’t hate because it is shimmery and says “summer”. This next color is one of my favorites. Orly Beach Cruiser belongs on beautifully tanned tootsies. It is a hot pink that a photograph cannot do justice to. I just love it!


I included OPI Wocka Wocka! (from the Muppets collection) because it is a shiny pinkish-red that I think would look good on many people, it has a je ne sais quois quality about it. Zoya Reece is one of those colors that I love. It is pink but filled with a goldish shine throughout that makes it flash a different color in the light. I love those kinds of colors!!! Again, Nicole Enchantress is also one of those. A baby pink filled with an ethereal blue shimmer. I ADORE this color like no other. And the brushes in the Nicole bottle are awesome! Zoya Gilda is so nice, a hot pink shimmer with pink micro-glitter, it screams “put me on and take me out dancing”!


I wanted to include some warmer tones. Zoya Penny fits the bill. It is a beautiful shiny “new” penny colored polish. It is lovely. Zoya Anaka is a bolder color, would look great on women with olive skin tones and those who maybe have tans (fake of course, I don’t endorse anything that leads to skin cancer!). It has a tiny bit of pink micro-glitter in it. I love the next Orly color, Berry Blast, which to me is a misnomer. It is a pink with another ethereal blue-pink tint to it. Very nice color! Also a beautiful color but much darker and more likely suited to a pedicure I think is Nubar Pink Flame. It has many tones to it: pink, dark coral, slight orange, etc. Intoxicating.


Zoya Happi is a cute pink polish that has a golden shimmer throughout, making it one of my favorites. It looks great on the nails. OPI Animal-istic is a reddish-pink shimmer that has just a hint of gold to it. It is very pretty and a nice summer color. Zoya Tiffany is one of those colors that you look at and immediately are drawn to. It is an all shimmer tone of bronze. Definitely a go-to color for the summer months! One of the spring over coats that Zoya came out with, Chloe is a good one to. It is pink with flakes of green and blue throughout. I think it looks good on its own or of course over another color.


The last four are Zoya polishes. Darn, I never realized how many I had. They do have good polishes. Salma is a reddish coral tone with just the slightest hint of pink, it is a shine, not a shimmer. Zoya Gloria is definitely a shimmer. It is a pink with all golden shimmery micro-glitter. Another very pretty color. Zoya Myrta is probably one of those colors that symbolizes the Pantone coral that is the “buzz” of this season. It is a bright coral with just a slight bit of shimmer to it. Again, a very pretty color. Finally, Zoya Kalmia. This color is also similar to Penny. It has more orange in it though and is more of a coral tone.

Zoya polishes are available at www.zoya.com for $8.00 each. Nubar polishes are available at www.bynubar.com and are also $8.00 each. Orly is usually at Sally Beauty Supply stores and Ulta stores and www.ulta.com, it also runs $8.00 each. L’Oreal nail polishes can be found at any drugstore and they vary in price depending on if there is a sale but are around $7.00. OPI cannot be purchased online but can be found at various salons and is around $8.00 and is available at Ulta stores too. I hope you liked this little post about the various shades of pinks and corals for summer!

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