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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have mentioned a few times before that my favorite line is Illamasqua. Since I discovered it I have fallen in love with the quality, variety and hutzpah that Illasmasqua dares to bring to the cosmetic world. The line was started in the UK and is slowly working its way across the Atlantic to the US. It is available online at www.illamasqua.com or Sephora. A few of the Sephora brick and mortar stores have the line, call first before going.
Just recently they came out with the Naked Strangers collection, following the very colorful Human Fundamentalism collection. This one is a small one and I decided to get a few things that tickled my fancy! In the first photo below you see Naked Rose (neutral beige pink, $26.19) blush. Their blushes are extremely pigmented and true to color. Second is Zygomatic cream blush (naked pink brown, $26.19; zygomatic means the cheek bone). Next we have Intimacy Sheer lipgloss (nude pink brown, $20.63). In the next photo is Stranger Intense Lipgloss (platinum gold, $20.63). The palette is the Neutral palette that came out with Human Fundamentalism (four powder shadows in Stealth, Vintage, Obsidian and Wolf; $47.62). The shadows are as follows: Stealth (matte cream, Vintage (antique gold), Obsidian (matte black) and Wolf (matte warm brown). For this look I am also wearing Forgiveness shadow (matte plum brown, $24.60) and Precision Ink liquid eyeliner in Havoc (burgundy, $26.98).

To get this look, take Forgiveness and use it in the crease. The rest of the shadows are from the Neutral palette. Wolf is then used just under Forgiveness to add depth in the crease. I then used Wolf on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye on the lower lid. Vintage is used on the lid and then blended out into Wolf. Stealth is used under the brow and blended into Forgiveness. I then used Havoc Precision Ink on the upper lid. For mascara I used Maybelline’s Mega Plush in black. (Sorry, I didn’t swatch Havoc because when I opened it to take the photo it got all over my pants. I love their liquid eyeliners but they run thin.)
For this look I used a light dotting of Zygomatic on the cheeks and blended it. I applied powder and then used Naked Rose blush way up on the cheek bones to make them pop. On my lips I used Stranger Intense lipgloss, then blotted it. Over that I used Intimacy lipgloss for shine. 

Overall I love this look more than most I have done lately. I think you will agree. There are other items available at the Illamasqua website, such as Nail Varnish, that are gorgeous. Go and take a look. Even if you decide to purchase something else from another collection and from Sephora (which is somewhat less expensive), you will not be dissapointed with Illamasqua.



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