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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Look With Inglot Hawaiian Bar


I am a huge fan of Inglot cosmetics. When I found them earlier this year I went head over heels in love with their densely pigmented shadows and blushes and creamy lipsticks. This heat wave we have been having gives me the perfect opportunity to show off the recent Hawaiian Bar colors they came out with!


The Hawaiian Bar items I received are: AMC Multicolour Face & Body Powder Matte (ME22CNA; ME22CDA), five peach shades of eyeshadow (I was told there were some plum ones too); numerous shades of blush, all peach and berry themed themed; Sleeks Cream Lip Gloss 100, 101, 102, 104 and 105. Let me say this, getting one of those shadows or blushes out of the Freedom System containers is difficult. The magnets holding them in are strong and there is very little wiggle room. I have broken a shadow before doing that, so I am just going to tell you which color in which photo I used.


For this summery look I used the mauve shadow in the crease (from the large multicolor Inglot palette in the last photo), then (from the same palette) used the bright purple in the crease and under the eye. From the peach Inglot eyeshadow palette I used third from the left on the lid and the one on the right under the brow (both are matte). For mascara I used MAC’s Extended Play Lash. On my cheeks I used a blush from one of the palettes that had the four “peachy” shades rather than the one with some berry tones to it. I used the blush that is the second from the right in that photo (second photo of the 4 Freedom System Blush Kit). It came out as a bright peach on my cheeks, but photographed kind of mild. For lipgloss I stayed nude with Inglot Sleeks Cream 100 (the bottom in the swatch photo and the very left of the tubes of lipgloss).

I had a shirt that matched this look perfectly, purple and peach! Overall I love these colors and I cannot wait to use the rest of the Inglot Hawaiian Bar colors. They all look adorable. You can order Inglot online at www.inglotusa.com or they have stores throughout the US. I really cannot overstate how much I love their products: the pigmentation is great, the colors last throughout the day and the prices for the Freedom System are quite good. Questions or comments are always welcome!

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