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Monday, July 23, 2012

Stila In The Know Palette: Review


Stila has been around a long time, almost 20 years. In that time they have gone through a lot of changes. The original owner, Jeanine Lobell, sold Stila to Estee Lauder. Lauder took Stila to new heights, making the company well known and many say compromising the quality in the process. Estee Lauder sold Stila to Lynn Tilton a few years ago. It has been her goal to bring back the quality and fun that Stila was once known for.

This fall Stila has come out with a small collection that contains a fun eyeshadow palette, In The Know (www.stilacosmetics.com, $39.00). This palette contains 10 matte shades that are reminiscent of the original mattes that Stila was famous for. Are they of the same high quality and pigmentation? Not necessarily, but they are close. The shades range from nude Air (matte cream with just a hint of sheen) to Ebony (matte black). They are silky and not chalky. There is some fallout but the pigmentation is pretty good. Is the palette worth $39.00? You get ten eyeshadows, which makes each one only $3.90. It also comes with a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Halfmoon, a dark shimmery gray color. The smudge stick goes on smoothly and doesn’t run. I used it on the top and bottom lid and was very happy with it.

All of the colors lean towards a warmer palette, so they are not really likely going to work for those who are really cool toned. I have to be honest there. Currently the palette is only at Stila’s website. If you are thinking that a warm palette of shadows might be nice for fall and you like warm tones, this one would work out nicely. Let me show you some of the shadows…

For my look I used: Rain (matte warm taupe) in the crease, Earth on the outer corner of the lid and under the eye. On the lid I used Clay (warm light terracotta) and under the brow Air (light nude matte cream). I used the Halfmoon smudge stick as mentioned on both the upper and lower lid to line. For mascara I used Extended Play Lash in Endlessly Black. On my cheeks I used Inglot’s Multicolor System Matte Face & Body Powder #92 and on my lips #173 lipstick (shimmery light pink).



1 comment:

  1. That definitely does remind me of the old-school Stila that I loved. I think I'll wait & see when the brick & mortar beauty stores get them.


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