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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Stuff You Need: Illamasaqua’s Medium Pencil’s Work Magic

I have hooded eyes that need a boost. There. I said it. So, now I am going to let you in on a little secret I found for making them look much larger and more defined. Normally, eye pencils that we use to line the eyes are hard and not so creamy. However, I have found one from Illamasqua that is the epitome of the best you can ask for. Their medium pencils (www.illamasqua.com, $20.63) are available in a multitude of shades from candy brights to nudes that can actually be used in place of eyeshadow. I have a few of them in these nude shades and I have tried them out as shadow and they work! Today I used a dark brown shade as liner for my whole eye and you can see from the photo above that it just brought out my whole eye and made it look so large. Let’s break down the look…
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To get this natural, defined eye look I used the following Illamaqua products: Heroine eyeshadow (matte ash taupe, $24.60) in the crease and on the outer edge of the eye. Furore Pure Pigment (champagne peach shimmer, $24.60) was used all over the lid to make it pop. Sex (matte white, $24.60) eyeshadow was mixed with the pure pigment and used under the brow. I then lined both the upper and lower lids with the medium pencil in Honour (rich chocolate brown, $20.63). It has to be the creamiest pencil I have ever used. Really and truly. I adore these pencils so much. I will say that you do have to watch for creeping of color. But, it does make a nice “Hey, I am a sex goddess” look!
I used Naked Rose (neutral beige pink, $26.19) on the upper part of my cheek bones. I wanted a pouty mouth to go with this. For that you need gloss! So I used Enchant (warm pink nude, $20.63).
Overall the look is a defined nude look. I am always happy with a look I do with any Illamasqua product. Their products are just superior to any I have ever tried in any other brand and the colors are so pigmented. Yes, they are pricey, but it pays off. You can purchase their products through their website at www.illamasqua.com or www.sephora.com.(I accidentally made a mistake when I originally referred to these pencils as fine, they are in fact medium. Please pay attention to this when searching for them. Thank you.)

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