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Monday, August 6, 2012

NARS gives you some Foreplay in your life!

You can never go wrong with NARS. Especially when it means blush. Francois Nars is famous for his racy names for cosmetics and he always delivers beautiful colors with great pigmentation and payoff. Sephora and Francois Nars collaborated for an exclusive blush palette ($49.00, www.sephora.com and Sephora stores) that together are based on the bestselling Orgasm blush. The four shades are a deconstructed version of the Orgasm colors. Use separately or together to make your own beautiful glow the website says.

The four colors are: matte deep peach, gold shimmer,matte bright pink and shimmery shimmery peachy pink with gold shimmer. Today I decided to use the bright pink and shimmery peachy pink with gold shimmer. They went on bright but they could be toned down some. I purposely did not blend them too well for these photographs so that they could be seen. I am not surprised at how pigmented the blushes are. NARS always puts out great products. There is no fallout and the blushes blend beautifully. There are numerous ways you can get a great cheek with this blush palette. I am happy to see another blush palette like this. My other favorite one is the Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek blush palette (also available from www.sephora.com for $25.00). If you like NARS blushes, especially Orgasm, then this palette is definitely worth the money for you.


  1. Thanks! I might have to check out that brand and find the bright pink. I have olive skin that gets very yellow as my tan fades, and have a hard time getting a bright blush that shows up and counters the yellow.

    Is the gold color simply to put over the blush to add shimmer?

  2. It can be or you can use it on its own. These are all very pigmented and are mix and match colors. Like I said, you can never go wrong with NARS. Have you used NARS blushes before?


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