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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

emerginC Vitamin C Serum and Spot Lightening Gel Deal


Spotless Skin You Can “C”

Hi there – Hope you had a great weekend!

emerginC’s tried and true vitamin C serum and spot lightening gel have been proven to even skin tone, smooth texture, and fade dark spots with a high dosage of vitamin C. These products contain key vitamins and plant-based complexes to combat sun damage and reveal a spotless complexion.

Starting this week you can treat yourself to both products for the price of one!

Offer valid:  Monday, September 17th through Monday, September 24th for $79!




  1. Have you used this? What did it do for you? That's a hefty price tag, so tell me why I would want it.

  2. I have used a similar serum, but not this one. I will be honest, I think Vitamin C serums are great for the skin. Alone they help brighten the skin, lightening sun damage and toning the skin. If you add a spot corrector to the mix then it really helps to lighten sun damage and any spots you may have. Vitamin C serums typically run between $65-$125.

  3. Okay. I'm not sure I need them at this point in my life. I have a little uneven colouring on my chin from past blemishes, but I don't have sun or age spots. *fingers crossed*


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