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Saturday, September 1, 2012

MAC’s Best Lipglass: Flash of Flesh


Recently MAC made me a very happy woman. They brought back three favorite lipglass shades, and the ultimate shade, Flash of Flesh, was one of them. Yes, I am saying that this is the ultimate shade. It came out a few summers ago and I immediately fell in love with it. When you look at it in the tube it is a light pinky-brown shade that flashes gold. When you take it out and look at the product on the applicator you see a lovely shimmery shade that is a medium neutral pink-brown. This color is the type that I believe would look good on ANY skin tone. Yes, I am saying it is the perfect lipgloss.


This shade on a lighter skin tone, such as myself, is a gorgeous shimmery pink brown that lends itself to be a your lips but better lipgloss. Having it on my lips made them look extremely large. On darker skin tones it would just enhance them and make the lips look slightly shimmery or just slightly larger to a degree. For darker skin tones it is a YLBB (Your Lips But Better) color. I am hoping MAC makes this color a permanent member of their collection. I truly believe that it is their best color.



  1. You wear it well hun!

  2. Thank you JoJo! With this color I have always gotten compliments. I have seen it on many skintones and truly believe it is MAC's best lipglass.


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