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Friday, October 19, 2012

Laine Blogger Award!

Thank you to Trouble-Maker On Heels for Nominating me for the Laine Blogger Award! She is a sweetheart!

Here are the rules:

  • Answer 5 questions about yourself (same ones listed here)
    Add award logo in your post and thank the person who gave it to you and link back to the person that gave you the award
  • Pass it on to 5 other bloggers and notify them on their blog that they won

    Questions and my answers:
    1. What is your current beauty obsession?
      My current beauty obsession is Illamasqua. I adore their line. I am also a big fan of Inglot. I wish I could own all of their shadows. Those lines are going to outdo MAC soon.
    2. What is the ONE item you wish you own?
    This is hard. I wish I owned all of the Urban Decay eyeshadows (the vintage ones). I love their quality. I can't say just one item. I'm greedy. :)
    3. What is your favourite topic to read about?
    My favorite topic to read about is makeup, what is new and coming out soon. I love to hear about new collections.
    4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
    I wanted to blog years ago but then my kids came along. I finally found the courage to do it. I love doing it. It keeps me sane! Also, I LOVE makeup and skincare!

    5. What nail polish are you wearing now?
     I dont wear nail polish on my nails, only my toe nails. Right now I am wearing L'Oreal's The Mystic's Future (royal purple shimmer). 

    I am happy to have been chosen as one of Too Faced’s Beauty Blogger’s of the month for October. Thank you Too Faced!https://www.toofaced.com/bbom.aspx
    Please check out my review of the Bon Bon set:http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-too-faced-shadow-bon-bons-for.html

    Enter the $25 Too Faced Gift Certificate Giveaway:http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/10/24-too-faced-cosmetics-gift-certificate.html#.UHgAnlGdE1L

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