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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Illusion Eyes Eyeliner Appliques

I was in Walgreens the other day and I stumbled upon this display of funny looking objects. They were eyeliner appliques from Glam Republic, the same idea as false eyelashes or lip appliques, etc. Since Halloween is around the corner it seemed like an idea that might be good for a costume. I had to get them because I am one of those people that have trouble with liquid eyeliner because of the way my eyes are shaped (they are bedroom eyes, meaning that they go down at the corners).
This set was $5.99 but the others were $9.99. It comes with instructions and adhesive. When you open them up it says to remove the plastic backing from the applique. However, when you do that the applique actually kind of falls apart. Very disappointing if you ask me. I was left with half of an applique. Because of that the rest of the review is pretty self-explanatory. I could not actually get the product to go on and I would not recommend it for purchase. They are definitely not worth $9.99. I think false eyelashes are a much better idea and then just use eyeliner.

I am happy to have been chosen as one of Too Faced’s Beauty Blogger’s of the month for October. Thank you Too Faced!
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