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Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Stila Snow Angel Holiday Palette


In the past few years Stila has come back from the disaster that almost ruined them when Estee Lauder bought them from Jeannine Lobell and the ensuing problems that happened when they sold the company to Lynn Tilton. Lynn Tilton has done a pretty good job of bringing them back to their old state of of the best cult cosmetic companies. Currently she is reviving the brand and I have been very happy with the results. I was really looking forward to this Snow Angel palette ($39.00, www.stilacosmetics.com, www.sephora.com, www.ulta.com and their brick and mortar stores).


The Snow Angel palette contains 18 eyeshadows and 12 blushes, a trial size Stay All Day waterproof  Volumizing mascara in Black and a Snow Angel Lookbook with numerous looks to try that have color photographs. Every person who is addicted to makeup, like myself and who is a Stila collector, knows that those eyeshadows and blushes should be soft, pigmented and beautiful. I forgot to open the palette and take a photo, but I did get a shot and opened it after I swatched it. The palette contains the following (eyeshadows from top left):

peace (matte pinky cream), love (lightly shimmery mauve pink), gold (shimmery gold), sleigh (shimmery copper), cookie (shimmery olive), dashing (shimmery dark olive green), eggnog (matte cream), icicle (slight silver pearl ), dance (matte pink), merry (pearl mauve silver), kitten (shimmery champagne), jingle (shimmery medium mauve champagne)

Inside row:

gingerbread (matte brownish copper), truffle (matte dark cool brown), chestnut (pearl warm brown), coal (matte dark charcoal), clove (matte warm brown), fairy (matte dark plum)

Blushes (colors listed):

shimmery snow angel, matte bronze, shimmery coral, matte clay, shimmery apricot, matte berry, matte melon, shimmery peach, shimmery pink, matte pink, matte plum, shimmery plum


I wanted to do a look from the booklet that comes with the Snow Angel Palette. I decided on Gilded Ombre. For this you take dance and place it all over the eye. Then merry is used on the lid. Use a wet liner brush and line the upper and lower lashes with clove. Apply mascara. For blush use matte pink to the apple and blend upwards and out (on me applying to the apple makes my cheeks look puffy, so I applied a little farther in an lower to contour some). For lips I used Inglot’s 187 (shimmery neutral pink).

If you notice, the only real color that shows up is clove. I had a very hard time to get any of the other colors to show up, merry had no pigment (and I applied with many brushes). I am very disappointed in these shadows. This palette had so much promise and it is not living up to it. The only shadows the really had any pigment are the ones in the inner star. A couple of the darker shimmers are good, but the lighter ones have NO pigment! The blushes are okay, but some of the lighter ones are also lacking pigment. Look at the swatches. I had to really swipe at them to get them to show up on my pale arm. I think I am going to return this and I really never return used makeup. Stila dropped the bomb on this.

Another gripe is the shape. It is hard to get a good swipe on the blushes because of the shape of them. The eyeshadows are okay, but the blushes are triangular shaped.

If I am going to pay $39.00 for a palette, I want it to be good, don’t you? I am so upset about this because one or two hit or misses is okay, but not this many. This makes me not want to buy another Stila palette and that is not good business for them. I am sure many other people will feel the same way. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks too!

I want to announce that I am one of Too Faced Cosmetic’s Beauty Bloggers of the month for October! (https://www.toofaced.com/bbom.aspx)


They loved my review of their Holiday Bon Bon palette! (http://www.toofaced.com/images/bbom/104_5890.JPG)

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1 comment:

  1. I feel the same way about stiila's palettes. Got last yrs one and it lacked pigment....not making the same mistake twice


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