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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: MAC Glamour Daze

I think MAC came back with a vengeance this time for their Glamour Daze collection! The Extra Dimension eye shadows are soft, smooth and pigmented. The Fluidline gel eyeliners are sparkly and pretty. Everything says pretty woman. Let me discuss what I was able to procure, shall I?
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow
MAC says these are liquid to powder eye shadows with prismatic reflections. There are eight of them: Divine Blue (shimmery bright aqua), A Natural Flirt (shimmery peachy nude), Stolen Moment (shimmery dark taupe), Stylishly Merry (shimmery medium violet), Evening Grey (shimmery steel silver), Tall, Dark & Handsome (shimmery black with pearl), Round Midnight (shimmery dark burgundy) and Ready To Party (shimmery pale lilac). They are $19.50 each. I found the shadows to be extremely pigmented with no fallout. They also went on very smoothly and the shadows themselves are soft in the pan. Very nice!
Fluidline and Kohl Power Eye Pencil
The Fluidline gel eyeliners in this collection are some of the best colors I have seen in a while for the Fluidlines. They may be pale but they really have some sparkle and shine that others have been missing. The colors are: Little Black Bow (charcoal with dazzle pearl), Catch My Eye (cool taupe gray with dazzle pearl) and Feminine Edge (pink mauve with dazzle pearl). These run $16.50.
The Kohl Power Eye Pencils are pretty but I was disappointed in one of them. The three colors are: Mystery (intense black with green pearl), Raven (intense black with red pearl) and Orpheus (intense black with gold pearl). If you notice the swatches, Mystery shows up black, not green. Raven and Orpheus show up red and gold, respectively. I was so hoping Mystery was going to show up green. I am a little bummed about this. The Kohl Power Pencils are also $16.50 each.
Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Powder Blush
The Extra Dimension Skinfinish is also similar to the eye shadow, it is a liquid to powder formula that has prismatic reflections. There are two in this collection: Superb (soft peachy nude shimmer) and Whisper of Gilt (light soft white gold shimmer). They run $29.00 The formula is so soft and pigmented. I had no problem getting them to swatch.
There are three blushes in the Glamour Daze collection. The colors are great and really work with the shadows. They are: I’m The One (medium blue pink), Easy Manner (light dirty peach) and Small Vanity (dusty rose tan). The blushes are $22.00
Lipsticks and Lipglass
I didn’t get all of the lipglass or lipsticks, only three each. A few of them just didn’t strike my fancy. The lipglass that I did get are: Deliciously Demure (cool brown with pearl), Pink Fade (light creamy pink) and Talk Softly To Me (light creamy coral pink). I really wanted Impossibly Sweet but it wasn’t in when I ordered. I adore Deliciously Demure. The pearl colors that they put out are so nice and cannot be beat by anyone. They really put such a nice depth of shimmer to them that no other company has been able to reproduce. Lipglass runs $16.50
I also only purchased three lipsticks. The colors I got are: Glamourdaze (creamy plum, cremesheen formula), Beauty (pale cool pink, glaze) and Innocence (soft coral, frost). The lipsticks are also $16.50.
Today’s Look:
For the look today I used Stolen Moment in the crease, outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Divine Blue is on the lid, blended up into the crease. A Natural Flirt is used under the brow. I used Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash in Black mascara and Little Black Bow Fluidline on the top of the lashes. For blush, Easy Manner was used and Innocence lipstick on the lips. I like the eye shadows a lot and really think this is a winner for MAC!

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Grade:
Worth the Money: *****

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