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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish


Lately there are a number of treatment products on the market that claim to make sun damage and fine lines disappear like magic. The trend in skin care right now is to take care these along with pore size and skin tone. The product that was invented by the person who made Miracle Skin Transformer made this. It is supposed to do everything that doesn't. Does it? Let’s see…

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish is supposedly a product that it is primarily a primer. When it goes on it:
    • reduces pore size
    • minimizes wrinkles
    • smoothes out skin’s texture
    • brighten’s skin’s tone
It does have long lasting benefits from the serum. These benefits are:
    • improves elasticity and boost collagen production
    • fades dark spots and evens skin tone
    • improves redness and irritation
    • smoothes skin’s texture and acts as an anti-oxidant
Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish has stabilized Vitamin C and Ergothionine (an anti-oxidant), both acting to address these concerns. It also contains sesame, grapefruit and lupine extracts. The sesame and grapefruit help soothe skin and reverse sun damage. There are extracts of perennial plants that help with dark spots. The skin penetrating serum addresses these concerns: fine lines, sun damage, environmental stress dark spots and dullness.


To apply, pump the primer onto hand and then smooth over face. The primer feels slick and it does have silicones in it to make feel that way. It applies nicely. Skin instantly look smoother and feels plump. I apply over a light moisturizer. The primer does not feel heavy. It makes pores look smaller, skin looks brighter. It makes the the skin nice and matte which is also nice. I don’t have lines, so I cannot tell you about those. After a few weeks of use I can say that my skin looks brighter and feels smoother. There is less redness and irritation. The fact that you can purchase a primer and skin care product together is nice, I think double duty products should be made. Why purchase two products when you can kill two birds with one stone?

There are three ways to use Vanish:
1. Use all over.
2. Use as a spot treatment.
3. Mix Vanish with your foundation or moisturizer.

Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish is available through www.miracleskintransformer.com for $58.00 for 1.0 oz.

(This product was sent for consideration. My opinion is honest.)

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