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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: SEPHORA+ Pantone Universe Precious Metals Shadow Palette


Yes. Another eyeshadow palette. I’m sick and have a disease! The minute I saw this I knew I needed it. Like its predecessor, this palette contains 35 shades. This one is inspired by shimmering metallics. They are grouped by tones, from silver, to gold, copper and onto plum shades. I was so excited to get this and let you know whether or not it is worth $48.00!
Let’s look at the swatches:


I used a Q-Tip to swatch every color on the inside of my forearm. As you can see, all of the darker colors swatched nicely. As I worked my way up to the lighter colors, they did not swatch as well. In fact, if you look in each photo, the lightest color for each group didn’t show up at all (the white in the silver group showed up just the tiniest bit). I found the actual shadows to be firm, not soft. There was not any fallout to them. As for pigmentation I am going to say they are so-so. I found the plums to be really disappointing, but the others just okay. I liked the copper tones the best. The yellows and golds are hum-drum.


Below is a look I did with the colors from the mauve and clay set. I was happy with the way it turned out. The colors went on well and blended very nicely. For this look I used Dusty Pink in the crease, then Rose Brown on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Pale Mauve was used on the inner area of the lid. I took Muted Clay and blended it up into the crease. Under the brow I used Silver Peony. As you can see, the eye has definition, even through the photo. To round out the look I used LORAC’s Rendezvous blush and Inglot’s 173 Lipstick (shimmery peach-pink).


Is this palette worth $48.00? Personally I am happy that the main colors have good pigmentation with no fallout. I know the lighter ones should have more but I really only use those under the brow anyway. I wish the shadows were a little bit softer, because I have to work the brush into it to get the shadow on there. This could make a great gift for someone who is into shadows (like me!) or for yourself if you really are into shadow palettes. Also, you really need to be into warm tones. This palette is full of warm tones and skimpy on the cooler ones. Well, that is my opinion. I would love to hear yours! The SEPHORA + Pantone Universe Precious Metals Shadow Palette is available at www.sephora.com or SEPHORA stores


  1. This palette looks AMAZING!! I am such a sucker for earth tones so I think this is right up my alley :)


  2. Yes, me too! I love earth tones. The copper and clay tones are especially nice.


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