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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: SEPHORA+Pantone Universe Gleaming Lipgloss Set


Today I will continue my discussion of the Pantone series of products with the Gleaming Lipgloss set ($26.00). It looks adorable, yes? After wiping the drool of my chin, I proceeded to delve into getting the nitty-gritty on this cute set. It looks like it might make a great holiday gift!


The set contains five lipglosses. All are shimmering metallics. The colors are: Boysenberry (bright shimmering berry purple), Bright Rose (shimmering bright rose pink), Magenta Haze (shimmering violet purple), Baked Clay (shimmering rose brown) and Rose Dawn (shimmering light pink nude). The tubes of gloss themselves are very tiny. It almost requires an elf to get them open! Once open they are pretty nice, though. The pigmentation is actually quite good for the Pantone products.

As you can see from the swatches on my arm, all of them showed up very nicely. They are pretty sticky, which is very common for a gloss, but if that turns you off then these will not work for you. I did have to go back a into the tube a few times to get full lip coverage. For this price I am not expecting a high end gloss. In the first photo below I am wearing the Baked Clay. It looks like a bronze in the tube but went on more of a bronze-rose tone. In the second photo I am wearing the Bright Rose. This color went on beautifully. It has a little bit of blue shimmer to it that makes the lips look larger. Seriously, I have never seen my lips look this large without lipliner underneath!


If you want to give these for a gift, the recipient would thank you! If you want them yourself? I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea either! This is a cute little gloss set for the die hard gloss fan. The SEPHORA+Pantone Universe Gleaming Lipgloss Set is available from www.sephora.com or SEPHORA stores.

Pigmentation: ****

Staying Power: ***

Stickiness: ****

Worth the Money: ****

All Over Gloss Appeal: ****



  1. me encanta sephora, tiene de todo siempre :P


  2. Gracias! Thank goodness I remembered most of the Spanish I took. I appreciate the nice comment.

  3. looks beautiful, i love brown one ♡


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