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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review: Vera Wang Smoothing Lip Primer



I have said many times that the market for lip primers should be larger. After all, as we age we start to get fine line and wrinkles around our mouth thus leading to lipstick and lip gloss that inevitably feathers and bleeds. I am 41 (gulp) and while I don’t have this problem quite yet, I like to have a very smooth lip line. I currently use Cover Girl’s waterproof lip liner in Sublime for most lipsticks and glosses, except reds. I can make it very light or use it darker. I also have many of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On lip liners that work very well.


I found the Vera Wang Smoothing Lip Primer at Kohl’s, $32.50. Normally they have great sales on their items, even up to 30% off cosmetics. This time I only had a measly 15% off. I thought I would take the chance and I could always return it. The directions say to gently pat outside the lip line, not to use inside. I will tell tell you why this is important in a moment. I took some of the lip primer and patted it all over the lip line. Immediately it set up as a wax. Ugh! I was upset. I understood how nothing could bleed or feather past this because it was a very heavy waxy feeling mess.

I should have looked at the ingredients. They are all waxes and silicas. However, in chemistry the way the waxes are combined can make them very soft and almost non-existent r can make them very heavy. If you look at the product on my wrist you can see it is very opaque, not translucent.My own fault. I am upset and I am going to take it back. I do believe that this is very expensive for a heavy, waxy mess on the lip. The lip primer market is still in need of good products. I am off to Google to search for some!


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  1. Can't wait till you find the perfect lip prime because I need one myself :)

  2. Yes, it's not just a product relegated to women of a certain age.


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