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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Most Fun Kit: benefit’s high flyin’ glosses


I have been eyeing this set for a while now. I finally bought it after I received a Sephora gift card for Christmas. I adore the idea of lip glosses with colors and names after benefit’s famous face powders. This set contains six small glosses that are the same colors as their larger counterparts.


The six shades are:

Coralista is a bright true coral, no shimmer.

Dallas is a dusky rose shade, no shimmer

Bellabamba is a bright watermelon, no shimmer

Hoola is a golden bronze with some shimmer

Sugarbomb is a shimmery pink nude

Dandelion is a shimmery pink pearl

All of the colors have great pigmentation, as you can see in the swatches. They have just the right amount of stickiness that lends itself to a long lasting gloss. The glosses come in squeeze tubes and are easy to apply. I am very happy with the color I chose to wear in the photo below, Dandelion.


I purchased benefit’s high flyin’ glosses from Sephora on sale!. To find, look on ebay or on a blog sale.


  1. What a great little selection of lip glosses! I love Benefit Cosmetics, but I have yet to try their lip glosses. That Dandelion color is pretty!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( http://blog.alElizabeth.com )

    1. Thanks! I like the ones with shimmer (I adore shimmers) and I was happy to see all of them in a small collection like this.


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