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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Blingguard’s blingwraps and blingdots


In the past year and a half I have lost 130 lbs. due to Chron’s disease. Because of this my wedding rings no longer fit me. One day I was gesturing with my left hand and whoosh!, my rings went flying off my hand and landed on the other side of the room. I knew I needed to get them resized, but there are so many times that I really don’t feel well or I forget to take them with me when I am out. Enter Blingguard’s Blingwraps to save me! When I received this product I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it was serendipitous that there was something like this on the market. Blingguard also makes Blingwraps, which helps me with another problem I have, drooping earrings. I had surgery to repair a torn earring hole on one ear but the other one was left alone, which left me with a hole that over the years drooped on its own.



Blingguards come in a package of 30 bands for $14.99. They are an invisible, latex free, patented technology that adds 1+ size to the ring finger. They keep the rings from turning, twisting or slipping off the finger. I have worn them a few times now and I noticed that they do wear well all day long. Even after washing my hands, the band doesn’t come off. The rings do slip around a little after having washed my hands, but that is all. They still don’t move upward past the knuckle. I plan on getting my rings sized again, but until then I am fine with these.



If you have earrings that are too heavy, Blingdots will relieve the weight and pressure of those earrings and make them sit squarely on the ear where they belong. Blingdots work with any kind of earrings from chandeliers, hoops, studs,and clip-on earrings even. They come in a box of 45 for $14.99. I find that I need them for the ear that has the tear in the hole. It helps to alleviate the weight issue and make the earring come up and sit farther up on the ear.

I’m glad I was able to use these products, I will likely keep using them. Sometimes you get some things that seem to be out of the ordinary day to day items that you use, but you never know. Those items might end up becoming beloved products in your daily routine.

Blingguard’s Blingwraps and Blingdots are available at www.blingguard.com.

(These products were sent for consideration, however my opinions on them are mine alone)

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