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Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: Vault lip gloss



Do you want a cute new lip gloss for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got one for you!

A few weeks ago I did a review for a lip balm by this new company, Vault. Their motto is “One Touch Lip Care For Active Lifestyles”. Essentially all of their products only need one hand to uncap, apply and recap. The individuals behind the line, Julia and Craig Carroll, were inspired to create these products when they saw that there were challenges to applying lip products while being active or playing sports. The packaging is patent pending and is being touted as revolutionary by the beauty industry.

I tried the lip balm and liked it, so I was more than excited to be able to try the lip gloss. It has what is being described as a kind of “bond girl like applicator”! All of the ingredients are found only on the Pacific Coast. The lip gloss is formulated with jojoba oil, Vitamin E and it hydrates and enriches lips. There are 16 shades available in the lip gloss.



I have trouble with my right hand but I was still able to open it fairly easy. The color I tried, triple espresso, looks more like a copper color than coffee. The lip gloss is not too sticky, which is great. It wears very well too. I have been wearing it for a few hours now and it stayed on nicely. For me it’s not a matter of convenience, but more a matter of how much I like the gloss. I find it to be a nice gloss. What really sold it to me was the brush. It is thin and allows me to line my lips with the gloss. I have never seen a gloss with a brush like this. I really wish that more companies would have brushes like this with their glosses! This is something that will definitely make you look sexy in seconds!DSC01093

Vault lip gloss is $16.00. Vault products are available online at www.vaulticon.com.


(This product was sent for consideration)


  1. Love the color on you!!I can't quite break out of my normal pinks and reds !

    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

    1. Thanks! I can do pinks but I never do reds. I have the red from new UD Theodora palette and I am thinking I cannot wear it. I am thinking it is going to look awful. Ugh.


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