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Saturday, January 5, 2013

something fun: tarte’s the big thrill


I was lucky enough to snag this great set during the tarte cosmetic clearance, that includes: 16 full size Amazonian Clay eye shadows,  1 Amazonian Clay bronzer, 3 Amazonian Clay blushes and 3 full size Vtamin lip glosses. The set is worth $435 (they say with all the products) and originally sold for $48.00. Let’s just say I got a good price on it.


The sets’ eye shadows are: <1st row> shooting star (shimmery very light cream), giant peach (shimmery peach), totally taupe (shimmery medium taupe), brilliant bronze (shimmery dark bronze), <2nd row> cloud 9 (matte medium peach cream), pop of pink (shimmery light pink), amazed by amethyst (shimmery medium purple), pumped about purple (dark matte eggplant purple), <3rd row> silver burst (light blue shimmery silver), next level lilac (matte taupe mauve), intergalactic metallic (shimmery silver blue), jump for juniper (dark matte blue green), <4th row> clay crush (light matte vellum), rush of gold (shimmery gold), go for the green ( shimmery grass green), exquisite emerald (shimmery dark emerald green).

In the second level there is a pull out that contains one bronzer park ave princess (shimmery light rown) and three blushes: angelic (light shimmery golden highlight), thrilled (shimmery bluish-pink) and curious (matte coral pink).

The third level has three Vitamin lip glosses: strawberry sensation (coral pink), apple-a-day (shimmery bluish pink) and abra-cad-apricot (medium brown).

The kit also comes with a nice double sided looks page. As you can see from the swatches, some of the eye shadows have great pigmentation while others barely show up. All of them are pretty soft and go on easily. I had trouble mainly with the lighter ones, which is a problem with the majority of brands.

On my eyes I am wearing next level lilac in the crease. Under my eyes and in the outer edge of the lid I am wearing brilliant bronze. On the lid I wanted to have a nice light look so I used silver burst. Then under the brow I took shooting star and blended it into next level lilac. To really add some oomph! to the lids I added Lime Crime’s liquid liner in Blue Milk (matte bright light blue). For mascara I wore L’Oreal's Telescopic Shocking Extensions in Black. On my cheeks I used thrilled on the main portion and used park ave princess as a contour for the cheekbones. I wanted a nude lip so I used abra-cad-apricot Vitamin lip gloss. 

This is a nice little set. I really don’t use tarte eye shadows often. After hearing from some that they are just fabulous, I had to try a set to see if they really are that good. Meh. They are okay. I will still say that Inglot and Illamasqua are much better in pigmentation. These are softer and the shimmer that they have is almost otherworldly in nature. It’s very pretty. The blushes are also nice in this set, some beautiful colors. I’m kind of mixed on the lip gloss colors. They are okay but they don’t have much staying power, you know, that stickiness that makes a good lip gloss last a long time. Also, and this is my preference, I don’t like the applicators. I am a doe foot applicator fan and these are little brushes. And I mean little. They are very stiff until broken down to softness and even then there isn’t much of an applicator. When people are going to plunk down good money for a set like this it needs to be almost perfect. This was far from perfect. I am not sure it represents tarte as a brand or is this how the brand usually is. Can anyone tell me different?


  1. I find these Clay shadows to be not pigmented at all...the older Tarte palettes have a very soft feel to them. like "butta", if you know what I mean.

    Their blushes, OTOH, are very nice. I like all of mine.

    1. Yeah, it's too bad. The shadows are not that good. The shimmer in them is interesting though. You are right, the blushes are nice. I'm glad someone else is experiencing the same.

  2. The kit looks cute. Would you say that the eyeshadows are buildable or the pigmentation just is just not good at all?

    1. No, unfortunately they aren't buildable. I tried like heck to get that silver burst to stand out on my lid. Nope. It was such a pretty color too. And the contrast between it and the taupe in the crease would be lovely. Sad...


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