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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lifter

If you have read my blog frequently you will know that I am a foundation buff. I buy a lot of foundations because it is hard to get a good color match, with me being so pale. When I saw that Maybelline had come out with the Instant Age Rewind The Lifter, I was very excited because it comes with primer inside. Not only that but the color I found, Creamy Ivory, is a good match for my skin. Usually the lightest color in Maybelline foundations are a little too yellow for me. So, how does this foundation fare?

I purchased the foundation from Walgreens for $13.99. This one of the more expensive foundations I have purchased from any drugstore. It is also available at other various drugstores and online at www.walgreens.com, www.riteaid.com, etc. There are many colors available and what originally drew me to this is that it had a really light shade such as Creamy Ivory. There are other lighter shades too, such as Porcelain.

When I used it this morning I pumped it 3-4 times and when it finally came out I was surprised that what mostly came out was primer and not much foundation. I pumped twice (the amount that comes out is very large) onto my Beautyblender sponge, and placed it onto my face to blend. As I was blending I noticed that the coverage was very minimal. It was mostly primer. I blended it all into my skin and thought “Okay, this is not enough coverage at all. It looks like I have no foundation on my face.” So I pumped two more large pumps onto my sponge again to see if it was just a fluke because it was the first couple of pumps. No. It was still mostly primer again. I blended it out again and still my face looked like it had no foundation. So I just used come concealer where I needed it and some powder over my face. I essentially gave up on the foundation since I am not happy with the coverage.
Here you can see the foundation and primer mixed together. It looks like a lot of foundation but when it is spread out, the foundation is light and the primer makes the coverage thin.
The color is good but as you can see, my forehead still shows a lot of freckles and under my eyes there are still a lot of freckles too. Normally I tend to cover those up to an extent with foundation.

I am not really happy with this foundation. And, I am not giving it a good recommendation. For this much money I expect much better coverage. I am guessing that the primer is overpowering the foundation and they actually put a foundation in that didn’t have good coverage to begin with. That is highly unusual for Maybelline. Usually their foundations are quite good. Yes,I am going to have to find a way to swap it or give it away. If you wear Creamy Ivory, then let me know! You can find my email address on one of the pages in this blog. I will gladly give it a new home!


  1. Oh gosh I seen this aswell and wanted to try it...I've changed my mind :|
    Love your blog!


    1. I heard from others that it has good coverage, maybe I just got a dud. I emailed Maybelline and they are sending me a refund. You just never know! Go ahead and try it. Keep the receipt though so you can take it back.

  2. Hey Marie
    I have a darker color in this line and found a different result. I would take it back or contact Maybelline (email me and I will tell you how) to get a different bottle.
    clearly that's defective. Mine was near perfect light/med coverage.. which is just what I wanted.

  3. I agree, I would contact Maybelline. I think yours is defective, I have it and it covers well, I'd dare say it gives me med/full coverage and covers my redness. This is actually one of the only foundations I don't always need concealer with. Sorry you had a bad experience, just shows how products work different on everyone :)



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