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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

I recently discovered the Ole Henricksen line. I had seen it in Sephora but never really paid any attention to it. For years I have been a Philosophy skincare girl. That has changed with my “discovery” of this line of great products by the Danish esthetician. Recently I reviewed the “truth is in the eyes” peel (http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-stuff-you-need-ole-henriksens-truth.html). This has become one of my favorite products of all time. It gives quick results, you only need a tiny amount of product and it is cost effective because of this!

Next I was able to try the Truth Serum Collagen Booster. It was a set that I received called the 3 little wonders. This is fighting with the eye peel to be my favorite product. It is a highly concentrated form of Vitamin C that helps to smooth lines and wrinkles, prevent future damage, it brightens skin tone, calms/heals the skin, strengthens collagen and adds moisture to the skin. How does a tiny little bottle of serum do all of this?

First, take a high concentration of Vitamin C, which calms, heals and strengthens collagen; then add in ingredients like grapefruit and orange extracts to brighten skin. Green tea extract acts as an antioxidant. Rosehips repair and strengthen the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is a humectant, bringing moisture to the skin. Vitamin E heals, restores and nourishes.

I have been using it for over a month now and what I really notice is that my skin is considerably “brighter”, meaning that any redness is gone and a lot of my freckles have lightened. My skin has always been fairly soft, but this does make it even softer (not a bad quality). Now, to discuss collagen and whether or not it can be “boosted”. Both collagen and elastin break down as we age. Collagen can be restored in a number of ways but elastin can only be restored with certain heat treatments that are done by plastic surgeons (they are usually done on the tummy). As the collagen breaks down, wrinkles form. As the elastin breaks down our skin seems more flabby and loose. As for collagen boosting, I don’t really have any wrinkles or lines yet, but I do have the beginnings of tiny ones around my forehead and mouth. These do seem to be somewhat lessened by using the serum.

Use one pump, at night under your moisturizer. Truth Serum Collagen Booster is sold on www.olehenriksen.com, www.sephora.com, www.beauty.com and at Sephora stores. There are two sizes: 1oz./$48.00 and 1.7 oz./$72.00. I am incredibly happy to have tried this product. I have ordered more of it, that is how happy I am! I also have some other Ole Henriksen products  that I will be reviewing very soon. I think I will have to convert to the line exclusively…..

(This product was sent for consideration)


  1. I have this in my need to try bin, I need to get on it!!



  2. Vitamin C irritates my skin, but I like the idea of restoring collagen.



  3. Yes, some people cannot tolerate Vitamin C. Have you tried Retinol? Is your skin normally sensitive?

  4. Seems like a pretty cool product..


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