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Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette


I had to go to Target the other day. It’s hard for me to get out so I was excited to go. I was even more excited when I came upon a display with Pacifica eye shadows, lip balms and body lotion. The blood orange body lotion is a staple of mine (so yummy!), so I thought I would try the natural minerals eye shadow quad. It reminds me of a palette that Sephora put out one year. I like the color selection because it brings out the green in my eyes.


The palette is called “Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette”. The shadows are described as being long lasting, rich and creaseless that are infuses with coconut water for a velvety cream finish. They are supposed to be heavily pigmented shadows. These four come in satin and iridescent finishes. The colors are: Skinny Dip (matte nude, used as a base or highlighter), Coral Sand (satin coral for the lid or as a highlighter), Golden (the perfect gold with the right amount of shimmer, for lids or highlighting) and Urchin (iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones that is perfect for lining or the crease).


Personally, I feel like Skinny Dip is more like a satin than a matte color. But that is my opinion. I liked all of the shadows except Urchin, which kept fading on me. I felt like I had to keep applying more of it to get the color I wanted. The eye shadows in this palette are extremely creamy and rich feeling. There is a little bit of fallout but not much. Coral Sand is the prettiest and goes on very well as does Golden.


For my look with these eye shadows, I took Golden and used it in the crease, then I took Urchin and used it in the outer part of the lid, underneath the eye and then blended it up in the crease with Golden. I used Coral Sand all over the lid, blending it into Urchin. Skinny Dip was used underneath the brow. The pigmentation is okay, not terrific. I expect more from my eye shadows and I think these should give me more since the box specifically says they are “highly pigmented”.

These eye shadow are available from Target for $11.99. They are more expensive on the www.pacificabeauty.com website, selling for $14.00. Currently they are out of stock of this item, because it is so popular, according to the website. Hmmm…maybe others are having better luck than I am!


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