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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am I’mperfection: Illamasqua Celebrates What Makes Us Unique



I can never say enough nice things about Illamasqua. This makeup line was created for “people who could be what they wanted to be”. They strive to have the best products and formulas. The colors are beautiful and all the products have extremely good pigmentation. Whenever I put one of their lipsticks on, I know it will not be coming off in an hour or so, it will last most of the day.


After all, makeup is here to cover the flaws and through the products, often create the look of a whole new person. I know that when I am not wearing makeup people often don’t recognize me and my kids often ask me “to put it on please, we want our mom back”. For some people they just like a touch of makeup. Makeup is used for wonder and mystique.


For I'mperfection I was able to get some products, the only thing I was really hesitant to try was the green lip gloss. It was inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald, but I don’t think I would look good with it on. I will leave that to the young kids. They could really have fun with it!

 I did buy the blush duos, the lipstick, one of the speckled nail polishes and the black eyeliner. Today’s look was done with a blush duo, the lipstick and the eyeliner. Let me discuss the blush duos first, since two of them are new, all of these are $41.27 in dollars. Duo No.1 is Lover and Hussy (Soft Apricot and bright Candy Pink). Duo No.2 is Katie and Ambition (Neutral Pink and Candy Pink Shimmer). I am wearing this one today. Duo No.3 is Blush/Bronzer. It is Beg and Bronzerella (Dusky Rose and Copper Bronze shimmer). The speckled polishes are really cute, they run $23.02. I purchased Scarce (speckled pink) Nail Varnish. The goal of these is kind of like freckling. The only lipstick that they had in the collection is Immodest (vivid matt pink), $25.02. The black eyeliner, Abyss, isn’t new, but they have it as a major part of the looks. It is a beautiful deep black. $26.98. Although I didn’t purchase it, the vivid green lip gloss called Shoot that is the main focal point of the collection. It is $22.22 and is described as a leaf green. I think it is a beautiful color and would work on anyone. Such as me as a young redhead maybe? I can never say anything bad about Illamasqua. I adore the line.



For my look, which is a vivid spring look, I used the following Illamasqua products: Blush Duo No.2 with Katie/Ambition, Immodest lipstick, Rude cream blush (warm coral pink, dewy finish $28.57), Abyss liquid eyeliner, Scribe liquid eyeliner, Bedaub cream pigment (matt mint, $26.98), Lust pure pigment (light mint green shimmer ,$24.60, Beguile pure pigment (iridescent white, 24.60). As you can see from the swatches above, the cream blushes, powder blushes and lipstick are all very pigmented. In the first photograph on the left is Rude cream blush (so pretty, I put it on and really thought of just doing the look with it.) Then we have Katie/Ambition. These two work great together in a duo set since Ambition is essentially Katie made just a little darker with shimmer. I sucked my cheeks in, used ambition on the bottom to contour and then Katie on top. I don’t really have cheekbones so it’s hard to get a good look on me.

For my eyes I used my regular eye primer (Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance), then Bedaub cream pigment all over the lid and up just a tiny bit over the crease. Their cream pigments are so pigmented and they wear extremely well! Then I put Lust pure pigment over Bedaub and Beguile under the brow and a little bit on top of Lust. Beguile is the kind of color that Fairies would wear. It is rainbow iridescence at it’s most beautiful. For liner I used Abyss liquid liner, a shiny black. Then I used Scribe to do white dots on top in random order. This creates the speckled effect that is popular with Illamasqua right now. It is supposed to look like the speckles on a bird’s egg. I like it as long as it is not overdone. One day I overdid and I found I didn’t like it. My mascara is MAC’s Extreme Lash in black. On my lips I used the new Immodest, wow that is vivid! I applied it on top of Too Faced’s Lip Insurance (I had a sample and I think I am going to get this, I am older now and need a lip primer).



I hope you like my imperfect FOTD using Illamasqua’s spring colors. The only gripe I have about their spring colors is that they didn’t have any eye shadows. I was pretty bummed. If you read my blog regularly you know I am an eye shadow freak. And I really like their eye shadows. Are you hearing this Illamasqua? Alex Box? Julian Kynaston? Also, make the products so that they are all available in every country! I hate it when you have a great product and I see next to it that I cannot get it because of the pigments aren’t allowed here in the states. That stinks! Okay, rant over. All of the beautiful products I have featured here are available at www.illamasqua.com, www.sephora.com and the lovely brick and mortar stores in the United Kingdom that bear the Illamasqua name.



  1. I absolutely love love love the eye shadow you chose!! This looks awesome!!



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